Steve Austin Praises Pat McAfees Wrestling Ability

But, I mean Pat, he definitely deserves to be in the top three.”

Steve Austin praised Pat McAfee for his recent work at WrestleMania 39 and said he deserved to be in the top three for the Stunner finishing maneuver. Pat McAfee’s Work at WrestleMania | Steve Austin Interview with TMZ

Steve Austin praised Pat McAfee for his presence of mind to improvise and ad lib in the ring, as well as for being very entertaining and a great human being. McAfee has a natural feel for the business and is one of the most entertaining people in the sports world. Get the latest rumors by signing up for the exclusive Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter here. net/derekstoughton/monday-night-raw-reveals-latest-news/”>

Monday Night Raw Reveals Latest News

Mick Foley revealed he turned down the chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a wrestling gimmick. He shared the experience through a recent podcast episode. Foley shared that his team suggested he do the spot and he ultimately turned it down. Two hyperlinks examples with anchor texts are: Mick Foley Reveals Turning Down Suggested Spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Bryan Danielson Helping With Creative In AEW. net/derekstoughton/
This article summarizes some of the top professional wrestling stories of the day. The first story looks at who is not listed on WWE’s internal roster. The second story explores what Steve Austin thinks about Cody Rhodes losing at WrestleMania. Lastly, the article looks at the wrestling world paying tribute to Superstar Billy Graham. Hyperlinks included: Who Is Not Listed On WWE’s Internal Roster? and WATCH: Wrestling World Pays Tribute To Superstar Billy Graham. net/category/news/rumors/”>Rumors

This article provides news and rumors related to professional wrestling, including a different kind of positive news about the AEW Champion out of action due to injury, WWE discussing a major Usos match for Money in the Bank, WWE reportedly seeing two superstars as top heels for the next 10 years, Monday Night Raw results from May 15, 2023, and Mustafa Ali explaining why he believes WWE dropped his Seth Rollins feud. A Different Kind: Positive News On AEW Champion Out Of Action Due To Injury, Time For A Change: Mustafa Ali Explains Why He Believes WWE Dropped His Seth Rollins Feud. Steve Austin praised Pat McAfee’s natural feel for the business during recent podcast. In an interview on the Steve Austin Show, the wrestling legend remarked that McAfee “has a natural feel for the business”. This endorsement highlights the potential of McAfee, who is rumored to be joining WWE in the near future. [Hyperlink 1: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Hyperlink 2: Pat McAfee]

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