Steve Austin Gushes Over CM Punk, Shares Details of Their Frequent Chats

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Steve Austin praised CM Punk in a recent interview with Forbes. He admires the Second City Saint and the two exchange messages every so often. Austin also complimented Punk as an excellent promo and worker and expressed that it was flattering to him to be considered an influence. Read Here to learn more about their conversation. Learn more about CM Punk here. So I don’t know what’s going on backstage with him and his situation, he’s got to answer to his boss and that’s what it comes down to. Stone Cold Steve Austin discussed his relationship with CM Punk and his lack of knowledge about the latter’s current situation in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Austin acknowledged that Punk was likely a fan of his work and might have been influenced by him, but noted that Punk earned his success through his own hard work. Steve Austin discussed his appreciation for CM Punk, revealing that they trade messages every here and there. He noted he watches all the pay-per-views, and praised the performers inside the ring. Read more about his favorite part of today’s wrestling here.

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