Solo Sikoa Super Kicks Sami Zayn on WWE SmackDown (Video)

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Despite Roman Reigns’ specific instructions, Sami Zayn appeared on Friday’s WWE SmackDown.

Zayn arrived early in the show to personally thank Jey Uso for saving him on RAW. Later in the episode, Jey and Jimmy were banned from entering the building, prompting Jey to make a phone call for a favor.

Zayn made an appearance during the main event between Solo Sikoa and Kevin Owens. Sami assisted Solo in avoiding a pinfall from KO, but Owens then ducked out of the way of Solo’s superkick, which knocked Sami out.

It’s possible that it was an accident, but the replay showed that Solo most likely kicked Zayn on purpose. Fans are now wondering how Reigns will react to Zayn going against his orders ahead of the Royal Rumble.

Click here for WWE SmackDown results. You can check out a clip and highlights from the main event below:


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