Skye Blue Shares Insight Into Collaborating With Mickie James During Brief NWA Stint

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Sky Blue recalled her experience wrestling on the pre-show of the all women’s Empowerrr event, put together by Mickie James. She enjoyed working with James, as James pays attention to the little things. Blue and Christi Jaynes used their lucha background to make their match different from the rest. Sky Blue signed with AEW in April after working around the wrestling circuit, including the NWA. com/”>Fightful)

Blue speaks highly of James’ attention to detail in professional wrestling, noting how her focus on small elements can elevate a story and character. He also mentions that she was very hands-on in her guidance. Read the full interview here (H/T and transcribed by Fightful). Skye Blue recently spoke to Wrestling Headlines about her brief run with the NWA and her experience working alongside Mickie James. Blue said that James was “super hands-on” during their collaboration and highlighted James’ passion and focus. Skye stated that it was an honor to work with James and that she has a bright future in wrestling. (Source: <a href="https:// Skye Blue recently praised Mickie James for her passion and focus during their collaboration in the NWA, calling it an honor to work alongside her. This is according to an interview with Wrestling Headlines.

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