Shawn Michaels on Bron Breakker’s NXT Future and Impressive Development in WWE

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During a media call to promote NXT Battleground, WWE Hall of Famer and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels stated that WWE NXT is not yet done with Bron Breakker, who is set to challenge NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes in the main event. When asked about Breakker’s possible move to the main roster after NXT took a “big hit” in the WWE Draft, Michaels stated that he sees the draft as an opportunity for new talent to step up and thrive. Michaels believes that Breakker will remain on the roster for some time to come and sees a lot of potential in him. Michaels also noted that Breakker is still growing in NXT and that he is pleased with the progress he has made under the new direction. The NXT brand seems to have high hopes for Breakker, and fans can expect to see him in some great matches in the future. Bron Breakker’s future with WWE NXT has been a hot topic among fans and industry insiders alike. WWE Hall of Famer and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels, recently hosted a media call to discuss Breakker’s growth and development. Michaels emphasized the brand’s commitment to getting everything they can out of the promising young wrestler. This commitment to the NXT brand is evident in Breakker’s upcoming main event match against NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes at NXT Battleground. For the latest updates on WWE NXT and all things professional wrestling, visit <a According to recent reports, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is optimistic about NXT Superstar Bron Breakker's future. Despite the brand taking a big hit in the WWE Draft, Michaels does not see other call-ups as a bad thing. He believes Breakker will continue to be a part of NXT and have some impressive matches. Michaels also acknowledged that Breakker is still developing his skills and growing in NXT, but he sees improvements every week. Michaels stated that NXT plans to maximize Breakker's potential and get the most out of him. For more updates on the latest wrestling news and events, visit the official website of Pro Wrestling Wars. If you're a fan of WWE NXT, you're probably familiar with Bron Breakker. According to <a Breakker is making waves in the wrestling world and has caught the attention of none other than Shawn Michaels. Michaels recently commented on Breakker's growth and development, indicating that he has a bright future ahead of him in the WWE NXT universe.

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