Seth Rollins Unleashes Frustration as Chicago Bears Drop to 0-2

Chicago Bears fans had a rough start to the season, and one of their most famous supporters, WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins, expressed his frustration on social media. Rollins, known as “The Visionary,” took to Twitter to share his traditional “I hate football” post after the Bears suffered another loss. The Bears put up a competitive fight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but a costly pick-six thrown by rookie quarterback Justin Fields sealed their fate.

In a tweet, Rollins wrote, “I hate football,” capturing the disappointment felt by many Bears fans. The tweet quickly gained attention and sparked conversations among wrestling and football enthusiasts alike. Rollins’ love for the Bears is well-known, and his candid expression of frustration resonated with fans who shared similar sentiments.

Despite the Bears’ struggles on the field, Rollins recently received some positive news. He was voted as the top wrestler of 2023 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI). This prestigious recognition solidifies Rollins’ status as one of the industry’s best performers. Fans can read more about Rollins’ accomplishment and the PWI 500 list by clicking here.

Rollins’ success in the wrestling world serves as a silver lining during the Bears’ challenging start to the season. As the reigning WWE world heavyweight champion, Rollins continues to captivate audiences with his in-ring skills and charismatic personality. His dedication to his craft has earned him the respect and admiration of both fans and fellow wrestlers.

While Rollins may be disappointed with the Bears’ performance, he remains focused on his own accomplishments in the wrestling industry. The PWI recognition is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. Rollins’ talent and commitment to excellence have propelled him to the top of the wrestling world, and his success shows no signs of slowing down.

As the Bears strive to turn their season around, Rollins will undoubtedly continue to support his favorite team. Despite the frustrations of being a football fan, Rollins’ passion for the sport and his beloved Bears remains unwavering. Wrestling fans and Bears fans alike can find solace in Rollins’ resilience and determination.

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