Seth Rollins Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Monday Night Raw

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Making a wrestler feel like a star is crucial, and the look is a significant part of it. A wrestler needs to present themselves in a way that catches the fans’ attention and makes them stand out in the ring. Unfortunately, this week on Monday Night Raw, something went wrong with Seth Rollins’ presentation as the new World Heavyweight Champion. Seth Rollins opened the show with an in-ring speech, but things did not go as planned. To learn more about Seth Rollins’ speech and the latest updates on WWE merchandise sales, visit During a recent episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins experienced a wardrobe malfunction when he split his leather pants while performing in the ring. Despite the incident, Rollins continued with the show and even headlined the event alongside AJ Styles in a successful match against Judgment Day. The incident was not acknowledged during the broadcast, but fans were quick to notice and share clips on social media. Rollins had a jam-packed weekend, as he also participated in other high-profile matches. Seth Rollins recently made an appearance on Monday Night Raw which resulted in a bit of wardrobe malfunction. While he was making his way down to the ring, his pants split open, and unfortunately, this was caught on camera. Despite this embarrassing moment, Rollins went on to win his match and secure the title. Fans can watch his title win and Monday Night Raw appearances on It is worth noting that wardrobe malfunctions are a common occurrence in the world of professional wrestling. Rollins handled the situation like a pro, and it did not seem to affect his performance in the ring. Seth Rollins has been in the spotlight recently due to his impressive performances in WWE. Despite a small mistake during a match, Rollins remains one of the top stars on Monday Night Raw. It will be interesting to see where his career goes next in the WWE. As always, fans are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in the comments section. For more wrestling news and content, head to, the ultimate destination for wrestling fans. During a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins experienced a wardrobe malfunction when he split his pants. The incident was captured on camera and caused quite a stir among wrestling fans. The mishap occurred during a match between Rollins and Murphy when Rollins went for a dive and his pants split at the seam. Despite the setback, Rollins continued the match, albeit a bit more self-conscious. The moment quickly spread across social media, with many fans poking fun at the situation. However, this isn’t the first time a wrestler has experienced a wardrobe malfunction in the ring. Check out more Wrestling news on <a

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