Second reason why Mark and Jay Briscoe were reportedly not allowed on AEW TV

According to multiple sources, including F4WOnline, the second reason Mark and Jay Briscoe were not allowed on AEW TV by Warner Bros. Discovery was the tag team’s use of the Confederate flag on their jackets and ring gear.

The use of the Confederate flag is controversial in American culture, as proponents say the use of the flag honors Southern United States heritage and commemorates the Civil War, while others argue the opposite, saying the flag glorifies racism, slavery and segregation.

The main issue with the Briscoes not being allowed on AEW TV was however, was due to past homophobic tweets that Jay Briscoe had made dating back ten years ago. He had later apologized. Those close to him said he then made things right by attending sensitivity training, which he paid for on his own.

Following Jay’s passing on January 17th in a car accident, AEW was unable to do a full tribute on AEW TV. However, WBD lifted the ban of the Briscoes on their networks, with Mark Briscoe making his AEW Dynamite debut in a tribute match against Jay Lethal in the main event of this past Wednesday nights show. That day would have been Jay Briscoe’s 39th birthday.

F4WOnline concluded by noting that there are no further restrictions on Mark Briscoe appearing on AEW TV going forward.


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