Samoa Joe Wins TNT Championship, Becomes King of TV Again

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​Samoa Joe Wins TNT Championship, Becomes King of TV Again

Samoa Joe returned to TV via video package last week and told Allin he was coming for his TNT Championship. He kept his promise in the main event of AEW Dynamite.

The reigning champion came to the ring wearing a hoodie covered in thumbtacks. The two battled into the crowd, including Joe throwing Allin down on the steps.

There was also a Coffin Drop in the thumbtack hoodie, chairs and tables in a wild main event. Allin cut the ropes holding the mat in place to expose the ring. This would backfire as the ROH Television Champion would do a Muscle Buster from the second rope onto the exposed ring.

While Samoa Joe Two Belts celebrated, a familiar sound blasted through the speakers. Wardlow has returned and came straight for his enemy. He attempted to put Joe in the Powerbomb Symphony, but the champ rolled out of the ring just in time. An incensed “Mr. Mayhem” attacked several security guards. He yeeted one poor soul into a group of security he had just attacked and Joe and his belts watched safely from the ramp.

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