Samoa Joe Says Jay Briscoe Always Showed Unconditional Love: “I Think That’s Why It Hit A Lot Of People So Hard”

Samoa Joe discusses the passing of Jay Briscoe, and how the ROH legend always showed unconditional love.

The AEW star spoke about Briscoe during his recent appearance on The Sessions, where he shared his biggest memory of his old friend, and how his loss hit people so hard because of how authentic he was in life. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

How Jay always showed unconditional love:

I think the biggest memory of Jay (Briscoe) and like I said, why a lot of us were really floored by this is that Jay was a guy who unconditionally loved people. He’d come in and it didn’t matter if you were having a good day or a bad day, he was always there to be like, ‘Hey! How you doing man?’ And you know, dap you up, give you a hug. You shoot the bull with him down at the chicken farm which always is wild stories, you know what I mean? ‘What’s been going down at the farm?’ ‘Aw man.’

Says losing Jay hit a lot of people so hard because he was so authentic:

I think that was the biggest thing was, you know, Jay was extremely authentic. We’re all gonna miss him just because the fun, the hilarity, the good times after the show, the great matches. It’s just all that kind of goes away and it leaves a big void and I think that’s why it hit a lot of people so hard.

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