Rosser vs KENTA set as Avalon comes up short on STRONG ?NJoA?

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Battle in the Valley title match set

The main event of NJPW STRONG this week saw the STRONG Openweight Championship defended, Fred Rosser looking to put another notch in his championship resume as he took on the arrogant Pretty Peter Avalon.

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Avalon had already been somewhat precocious in putting himself up for championship contention in the first place, and pushed that point from jump, interrupting Rosser’s entrance with taunts on the microphone and baiting Rosser into the ring. Still that didn’t benefit the challenger, who found himself flung around ringside before the match finally got underway.

Avalon would struggle under the size and power of Rosser before he was able to resist the champion’s trademark apron suplex and drive Rosser’s banged up ribs into the ringpost. Taking control of the match, Avalon continued to apply pressure until Rosser got the apron suplex he had looked for earlier. Avalon would go back to the ribs to slow Rosser, but the champion still hit the Gutcheck and then his chickenwing STF for the victory.

Post match, Rosser was confronted by STRONG Survivor winner KENTA. Urging KENTA to ‘get ready to go to work’, Rosser made a convincing statement ahead of Battle in the Valley February 18.

Misterioso battled Mistico this week on STRONG. A high paced open saw the two masked men evenly matched until Mistico crashed into the heavyweight Mysterioso, and then was taken into the ringpost on the outside. With the CMLL icon’s momentum well and truly stalled, Misterioso had full control until a handspring back elbow and a pair of dives to the floor.

Despite Misterioso’s power, Mistico was still able to land some trademark spectacular offence before Big Papi Pump pulled his foe into the apron, and landed a spectacular dive of his own. Mistico laboured under the Stray Dog Army heavyweight, but would be able to uncork La Mistica and picked up a submission victory.

Kicking off the night was KEiTA in singles action against Blake Christian. Christian took early control, with a pair of dives to the floor before a suplex on the outside. KEiTA would respond in kind with his own lope and the Key to the City for two, but Christian battled back with a sunset flip into the corner, and cruised to victory with a Curb Stomp.


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