Roman Reigns’s WWE Schedule Opens Up, Shocking Departure as Jey Uso Walks Away from WWE in the Midst of The Bloodline Epic

There was a major development in the ongoing saga of The Bloodline during Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown. The show ended with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman in the ring celebrating Reigns’ victory over Jey Uso at SummerSlam. Reigns called out Jimmy Uso, who had been absent all day, and offered him anything he wanted as a reward for helping him win Tribal Combat. However, Jimmy refused, stating that his actions at SummerSlam had nothing to do with Reigns.

Jey Uso then made his entrance to confront his brother and demanded an explanation for his actions. Jimmy revealed that he attacked Jey out of love and fear of losing him. He believed that if Jey had won at SummerSlam, he would have become corrupted like Reigns and it would have destroyed their relationship. The crowd chanted “asshole!” at Reigns as Jimmy expressed his love for his brother.

Jimmy offered Jey the opportunity to hit him and end their 37-year history, but Jey chose not to. He exited the ring, leaving Reigns to taunt him and declare that the focus is now solely on himself. Jey responded with a superkick to Reigns, leading to a brawl between Jey, Solo, and Reigns. Jimmy, who had been walking to the back, was flattened by a superkick from Jey.

Jey then announced that he is quitting The Bloodline, SmackDown, and WWE. He threw up a peace sign and left through the crowd, while fans chanted his name. The episode ended with Jey walking up the stairs to the concourse area of the arena.

It is unclear what the future holds for the members of The Bloodline, but WWE’s post-SmackDown updates state that Jey has “quit” WWE. There is speculation that the first Jimmy vs. Jey singles match could take place at WWE Payback, possibly with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi as the special guest referee. However, there are also rumors that WWE may wait until WrestleMania 40 next April for the match.

As of now, The Bloodline’s storyline is not advertised for next week’s SmackDown in Toronto. Jey and Solo are listed for the August 25 SmackDown in Louisville, while Jimmy and Jey are both advertised for the Payback go-home show on September 1 in Hershey and the post-Payback SmackDown in Boston on September 8.

Roman Reigns is not currently advertised for any upcoming events, including Premium Live Events. There are rumors that he will be working fewer dates for the rest of 2023 following SummerSlam.

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