Roman Reigns’ Upcoming Schedule and Next Title Defense Revealed – Don’t Miss Out!

Being a champion in professional wrestling is a prestigious honor. It signifies that you are at the top of the mountain and the best in your respective promotion. However, being a champion also comes with responsibilities, one of which is defending your title. While some champions are known for their frequent title defenses, there are others who are not as active in putting their championship on the line. And now, we have an update on the least defended WWE championship.

Roman Reigns, the current Universal Champion and WWE Champion, has held the titles for over 1,100 days and 500 days respectively. However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Reigns is not expected to defend his titles until Crown Jewel on November 4. This means that it will be around three months between his last title defense at SummerSlam and his upcoming one at Crown Jewel.

While Reigns’ long title reigns may be a testament to his dominance, it also raises questions about the frequency of his title defenses. In fact, his upcoming title defense at Crown Jewel will only be his fifth televised title defense this year. This lack of title defenses has led to some criticism and speculation among fans and wrestling enthusiasts.

Opinion: Reigns’ infrequent title defenses may be a contributing factor to his lengthy reigns. By rarely defending the titles, Reigns is able to keep them in one place and maintain his status as the top champion. However, as a fan, it can be frustrating to see the champion rarely defend the title. It will be interesting to see who Reigns will be facing at Crown Jewel and whether there will be any surprises or challenges to his reign.

As the anticipation builds for Reigns’ next title defense, fans and wrestling enthusiasts are speculating about potential challengers and who could potentially dethrone Reigns as the champion. Who do you want to see Reigns face? Who should defeat him for the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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