Roman Reigns Appears On Tonight Show, Addresses Facing The Rock

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Roman Reigns appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, hyping up this year’s Royal Rumble event. Reigns was asked about the rumor that’s on everyone’s mind: will he face off with The Rock at WrestleMania? Roman addressed those rumors and more. You can read highlights of his appearance below:

If he ever thought he’d get to this point: ““I’ve always had great faith and confidence that I was going to be something. But you don’t really know what that thing is, and you don’t really know how far it’s going to go. So, early on, I just wanted to be a football player. You know? Yeah, watching the Super Bowl, picturing myself, you know, “I’m going to Disney World!” You know and that moment. And then I just tied into WrestleMania and thinking that’s exactly how it’s going to feel, you know?”


The possibility of facing off with The Rock: “That’s been the rumor, and there’s been a huge buzz on that for a long time, I mean for years now, but it’s really picked up in the past couple years. I believe he just came out with a statement saying that he’s not gonna be ready in time, which that’s the face that everyone’s making. ‘Hold on, he trains every single day. He’s huge.’ But to his defense, it’s one thing to train with weights, and the bodybuilding, to look the part, but to be able to get in the ring and do a main event match, a championship match, a Universal Undisputed WWE Championship match, it takes a lot of conditioning, it beats up your body, so there’s more that goes into it than just training in the weight room. It’s a professional athlete type of situation, where you have to condition. You have to — He does two out of the three things perfectly. His nutrition and his weight training are on point, but you have to condition yourself. You gotta be ready to fall down. You never get away from that.”

Roman’s strategy on facing Owens at the Rumble: “Don’t change anything. I’ve been beating up Kevin Owens for years now, man. So let me get this guy his due. This is a tough, sturdy guy, you know? And he’s a little crazy. He’s willing to do anything out there. But I’ve faced him a few times, and I’ve been pretty successful. So, for me, you know, I just feel like, as long as I don’t change anything, if it’s not broke, don’t break it. Just stay in the same system. Go out there and do what I do. And pretty much, I feel like I’m genetically coded to beat Kevin Owens every time. It’s like the small print in my DNA. Yep, beat Kevin Owens. Yeah, check. Done.”

Reigns also played a game of Password with Tariq and Claire Danes. You can see a video clip of Reigns’ appearance below:

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