Rob Van Dam Reveals His Unexpected Love for ‘Barbie’ Film

Rob Van Dam, the legendary professional wrestler, recently expressed his admiration for the hit movie “Barbie” on his One Of A Kind podcast. Van Dam not only enjoyed the film but also appreciated the story it aimed to tell. He even mentioned that he would watch it again.

In a conversation with his friend Diamante and Kiera Hogan, Van Dam praised the writing of the movie and how it effectively transformed the story of a toy into a captivating screenplay. He commended the writers for their ability to match the movie’s narrative with the rich history of Barbie’s story.

Furthermore, Van Dam mentioned that he had watched a documentary about Barbie and understood the pressures faced by the Barbie makers due to the image they portrayed. He appreciated the efforts put into the dialogue and storyline of the movie, along with his fondness for the film’s star, Margot Robbie.

Rob Van Dam recently made his AEW in-ring debut on Dynamite, but unfortunately, he was unable to secure the victory. Despite the loss, Van Dam’s love for the Barbie movie remains unwavering.

To read more about Rob Van Dam’s thoughts on the “Barbie” movie, you can visit Wrestling Headlines.


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