Rob Van Dam Reveals His Experience Training Under The Sheik

Some people were more flashy. Some people were more technical. But you know, in the end it was about entertainment and that’s why I was instructed.

Rob Van Dam discussed his experience of training under the legendary Sheik on the premiere episode of his podcast “1 Of A Kind With RVD”. He shared that the lesson was about wrestling and protecting the business, and that being scuffed up and even bloody was part of it. He also mentioned that other people had different styles, but in the end, it was all about entertainment. Listen to the podcast here. Learn more about RVD here. com/rob-van-dam-talks-team-ecw-and-the-sheik-mentoring-both-him-and-sabu/”>Rob Van Dam Talks Team ECW and The Sheik Mentoring Both Him And Sabu was first published on

Rob Van Dam discussed being mentored by The Sheik and training alongside Sabu. He talked about their shared mentality and how it’s missing from today’s wrestlers. He also expressed his gratitude for the experience. For more on RVD’s thoughts on WWE relaunching ECW, click here. Read the full story here. He would just tell us, ‘we gotta go harder, we gotta go harder. Rob Van Dam reflects on his early training with The Sheik, discussing the dangerous, yet rewarding experience. He speaks highly of the late legendary wrestler, describing him as a mentor who taught him how to be successful in the business. The article Rob Van Dam Opens Up About Training With The Sheik gives insight into RVD’s experience training under The Sheik. The article highlights RVD’s positive experience, emphasizing the close mentoring bond between him and the Sheik. Rob Van Dam discussed the unique style of wrestling he and Sabu developed during their time in Sheik’s original Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). He discussed the Sheik being a mentor and how younger wrestlers lacked the mentality they had. He also expressed how grateful he was for the opportunity to receive The Sheik’s mentorship. Rob Van Dam recently spoke to Wrestling Headlines about his experiences training with The Sheik. He discussed what he learned, his current work schedule and his thoughts about the current state of professional wrestling. Two hyperlinks are included: one to the original article on Wrestling Headlines and the other to the news outlet’s homepage.

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