Richard Holliday Declares The Dynasty Still a Hot Topic in MLW, Discusses MJF’s Astronomical Ascendancy in AEW

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Richard Holliday, a former member of the Dynasty in MLW, recently spoke about his history with MJF and the impact their faction had on the wrestling world. In an interview with Under The Ring, Holliday discussed the success and popularity of the Dynasty, which also included Alexander Hammerstone. According to Holliday, the group remains one of the most talked about entities in MLW history.

“In a way, that’s kind of tough to describe. You would never think that us three would get in there and mesh the way we did. You would think it would be some semblance of oil and water. But it was just three dudes who knew what this was and how fun it could be, and we made the absolute most of it, and probably made some of the most memories in MLW history. I think we’re still to this day probably one of the most talked about entities that has ever been part of that show,” Holliday said.

The Dynasty’s success in MLW is undeniable, and their chemistry as a group surprised many. The combination of Holliday, MJF, and Hammerstone proved to be a winning formula, capturing the MLW tag team championships during their tenure. The faction’s popularity extended beyond MLW, with fans and critics alike recognizing their impact on the wrestling landscape.

While discussing MJF’s rise in AEW, Holliday expressed his pride in his former teammate’s success. MJF has emerged as one of the top acts in AEW, showcasing his dedication and talent in every performance.

“He is who he is, and I’m super proud of him. He’s on top of the world right now, and he’s doing great. He is dedicated to this and being the best. He shows that every time he goes out there,” Holliday stated.

Richard Holliday’s recent debut in GCW has also garnered attention. In a separate interview, he discussed the possibility of participating in a deathmatch for the popular indie-federation. To read more about Holliday’s thoughts on GCW and deathmatches, you can check out the article on Wrestling Headlines here.

The Dynasty’s impact on MLW and MJF’s rise in AEW continue to be topics of interest among wrestling fans. As Holliday mentioned, their ability to come together as a group and create memorable moments has solidified their place in wrestling history. Whether it’s their success in MLW or their individual achievements in other promotions, the Dynasty members have left a lasting impression on the industry.

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