Rhea Ripley ERUPTS Over Fan Incident At Airport

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Can you blame her? Wrestlers are celebrities who are often appearing on national television on a regular basis. As a result, there are going to be fans who recognize them when they are outside of the ring. That can make for some very pleasant moments, but at the same time it can cause quite a bit of trouble. That is the case again and a WWE star is really not happy about it.

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Rhea Ripley has posted a tweet venting after fans followed her outside at an airport, apparently requesting autographs. Ripley said that she will not sign ANYTHING other than a personal photo anymore. She went on to say that she does not care if someone hates her over this, but asks people to be in her shoes for a day. Ripley did not say where the incident took place.

People need to respect that no means no!

At airports do not follow me outside. Today has put me off completely! I will not sign ANYTHING that isn’t a personal photo of us anymore.
Hate me, I don’t care.
Disagree with me, try putting yourselves in our shoes for one bloody day.

— RheaRipley_WWE (@RheaRipley_WWE) March 20, 2023

It can get out of hand. Check out a previous video of Ripley at an airport (NOT from the incident in question) and her in some better situations:

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Opinion: It is always sad to see something like this as fans do not get the idea of boundaries. There is a world of difference between happening to run into a wrestler somewhere and saying hello to them if they are not busy and going after them like this. People who stand there with a bunch of stuff to get signed so they can sell it are ruining a lot of things, including the sanity of these wrestlers. Ripley, or anyone for that matter, should not have to make a statement like this, even if it is completely right.

What do you think of Ripley’s statement? What will happen in her WrestleMania title match? Let us know in the comments below.

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