Rey Mysterio Clinches Coveted United States Championship!

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WWE held a United States Championship Invitational to determine who would challenge Austin Theory for his title. Santos Escobar defeated Rey Mysterio in the final, and booked a match against Theory for this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Except that’s not what we ended up with.

Theory, the heel that he is, launched a sneak attack on Escobar that included injuring his knee. Escobar was cleared to wrestle the match anyway but Theory again dove at his knee while he was making his entrance. Then, and only then, did he get yanked from the match.

But wouldn’t you know it, his buddy in the LWO, the legendary Rey Mysterio, was right there to stand in for him.

And wouldn’t you know it, Mysterio went out there and took it to Theory, beating him clean to win the United States championship for himself.

The LWO met him up the aisle and it was obviously bittersweet for Escobar but he openly wept while hugging Mysterio and raising his arm in victory.

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In a surprising turn of events on Friday Night SmackDown, Rey Mysterio emerged as the new United States Champion after defeating Austin Theory. Mysterio’s victory came as a result of a shocking attack on Santos Escobar by Theory, which led to Mysterio stepping in as a replacement for Escobar in the championship match.

WWE had initially planned a United States Championship Invitational to determine the challenger for Austin Theory’s title. Santos Escobar emerged victorious in the final, earning the right to face Theory on SmackDown. However, Theory had other plans.

Theory, known for his villainous persona, launched a sneak attack on Escobar, targeting his knee. Despite the injury, Escobar was cleared to compete in the match. However, Theory once again targeted Escobar’s knee during his entrance, forcing him to be removed from the match.

Fortunately for Escobar, his LWO (Lucha World Order) teammate Rey Mysterio was present and ready to step in. Mysterio, a legendary figure in professional wrestling, seized the opportunity and went head-to-head with Theory for the United States Championship.

In a stunning turn of events, Mysterio managed

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