REVIEW: Uncovering the Hidden Gem of Backlash 2008

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Then we have Batista vs. Umaga with the winner getting a shot at the WWE Title at Judgment Day.

This article provides an overview of the professional wrestling show, Backlash 2008. Held on April 27, 2008 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland and featuring commentators Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Mick Foley, Tazz, and Mike Adamle, the main matches included Edge challenging Undertaker for the Smackdown World Title and Batista vs. Umaga for a chance at the WWE Title at Judgment Day. [Hyperlink 1]( [Hyperlink 2]( Matt is sent outside and MVP drops him throat first across the top. The awesome double running boot to the face follows as JR tries to get Foley to say some of the classic lines. Back in and Matt starts his comeback with a series of clotheslines and the bulldog. The Twist of Fate is blocked and MVP goes for a powerbomb, only to get backdropped down for two. The tag to the legdrop gets two as well and Hardy tries another Twist of Fate, only to get catapulted into the corner. The Playmaker finishes and MVP retains the title.

MVP defeats Matt Hardy in a US Title match on Raw with the ‘Playmaker’ to retain the title. Read more about the match here and learn more about MVP here. MVP looked good but it was about getting the win for Matt here and it worked well enough.

Matt counters MVP’s Samoan drop with a clothesline, and then follows up with a Side Effect for two. MVP retaliates with kicks to the head, but Matt responds with a Twist of Fate for the pin and title win. The match was hard-hitting and a long time coming, earning a rating of B. [Hyperlink 1]( “Professional Wrestling Holds”) and [Hyperlink 2]( “Professional Wrestling Match Types”) were featured. A big boot sets up the chokeslam for the pin and the title retention.

Kane retained the ECW Title in a match against Chavo Guerrero, with assistance from Bam Neely. Matt Hardy also celebrated a big win over MVP, claiming that he is “better than MVP”. [Hyperlink 1]( [Hyperlink 2]( Khali tries a chop but Big Show no sells and puts him down with a big boot. Big Show pounds away in the corner but Khali comes back with a big chop to the chest. A second chop sends Big Show to the floor and he takes his time getting back inside. Back in and Big Show takes him down with a clothesline before going up top. Khali grabs the leg though and brings him down with a superplex, followed by some more chops. Khali follows up with a big time slam but the secondary referee holds him back. With no other way out, Big Show chokes Khali and hits a low blow, followed by the chokebomb for the pin at 4:08.

Kane retains his title against Chavo by using a chokeslam. Randy Orton is confident in defending his title against three challengers. Great Khali was defeated by Big Show in 4 minutes and 8 seconds with a chokebomb. Professional Wrestling, Randy Orton. Great Khali defeats The Big Show in a slow paced match featuring headbutts, chops and a nerve hold. Despite Show’s attempts, Khali was able to overpower him and win the match with a chokeslam. Great Khali was victorious over The Big Show. Batista makes the ropes and we take a break. Back with Michaels still cranking the arm and Batista sending him out of the ring. Batista follows with a big powerslam for two and it’s off to a Bearhug. Michaels makes a comeback and Jericho has to get in the middle of a staredown. Michaels dropkicks the referee down and Sweet Chin Music is broken up by a very fast count. A Batista Bomb gets two more and Jericho is still down. Michaels grabs a small package for two and Batista grabs the Batista Bomb. Jericho crotches him over the corner though and Michaels grabs a crucifix for the pin at 10:28.

John Cena and Jimmy Wang Yang are discussing country music when Randy Orton interrupts. Batista and Shawn Michaels faced off in a match, with Chris Jericho serving as guest referee. Michaels attempted to attack Batista’s arm, but Batista was able to escape and send Michaels into the post. In the end, Michaels used a crucifix to pin Batista for the win. Batista vs. Shawn Michaels was the main event of the evening. <a href=" Batista was a big powerhouse, Shawn was the smart veteran and Jericho was the wild card. It had a good flow to it and the ending was smart with Shawn faking the injury and then kicking Batista for the win. It was a nice little match with a logical ending.

Batista and Shawn Michaels had an exciting match in which Shawn outsmarted Batista to secure the win. He faked an injury before connecting with a superkick for the pin. The two wrestlers used a mix of power and psychology to create an entertaining match. Batista vs. Shawn Michaels, Review Melina fights back with forearms and a headscissors. A dropkick puts her down but a distraction from Jillian lets Melina get the pin.

Shawn Michaels outsmarted Batista to win their match. Randy Orton and Triple H had their own confrontation, and a divas match featured Melina pinning Mickie James with help from Jillian Hall. Shawn Michaels needed assistance leaving the ring due to an injured knee. Two hyperlinks: [Pro Wrestling]( and [Divas Match]( Beth Phoenix and Ashley Massaro had a short match on Smackdown with Phoenix using a release Fisherman’s suplex to finish Massaro. The match was too short to do anything special but the Smackdown women need something to fight over other than bragging rights. Undertaker and Edge will face each other for the world title with Guerrero as referee. An elbow drop misses though and Edge sets for the spear to put Undertaker away. That’s broken up by a chokeslam off the middle rope but Undertaker’s Tombstone is countered into a hurricanrana for two. Edge gets a spear out of the corner and the pin at 18:10.

Edge and Undertaker competed for the Smackdown World Title. Edge was thrown outside early on, but fought back with eye rakes and a camel clutch. Undertaker countered with a big boot and chokeslam but Edge countered his Tombstone with a hurricanrana. Edge got the pin with a spear after 18:10. WWE and Bleacher Report offer additional coverage of professional wrestling. The Undertaker successfully defended his title against Edge by countering a chokeslam and applying a triangle choke. Despite a different outcome than their Wrestlemania match, the ending was appropriate for the current Smackdown roster. Despite being a good match, it was nothing great or memorable. Wrestlemania and Smackdown are mentioned. Back in, it’s Triple H hammering away on JBL in the corner.

At WrestleMania, Randy Orton retained the Raw World Title in a match against John Cena and Triple H. This week, he defends it under elimination rules against Cena, HHH, and JBL. After the Big Match Intros, Orton is knocked outside by JBL, leaving Cena to hammer HHH in the corner. Cena is then knocked off the apron and into the announcers’ table. HHH then hammers away on JBL in the corner. Watch Raw to see the rest of the action, and Subscribe to the WWE Network to see all of WWE’s events. HHH rebounds off the post and Cena grabs Orton in the STFU. JBL pulls him off and covers Orton, only to be thrown outside. HHH Pedigrees Orton for the pin and his seventeenth world title reign.

At The Great American Bash 2004, Triple H defeated Randy Orton and John Bradshaw Layfield in a triple threat match to win the World Heavyweight Championship. HHH, Cena and Orton double teamed each other throughout the match before Cena put JBL in the STFU. Orton and JBL then created a Tower Of Doom for a big knockdown, and Cena tried to finish HHH. Orton then Punted Cena for the pin and it was down to Orton vs. HHH. HHH sent Orton outside and eventually hit a Pedigree for the pin, and his seventeenth world title reign.
Great American Bash 2004 and Triple H are two major events featured in this match. Decent match here and a short ending, but it felt like it was missing something.

Randy Orton and HHH battle back and forth inside and outside of the ring. HHH manages to hit the Pedigree for a win, making him champion again. This match felt like it was missing something, but was still decent overall. [hyperlink1][hyperlink2] com/author/thomashall/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>KB Wrestling Reviews. The match between HHH and Orton was entertaining but it didn’t feel like a major event. The title change was a surprise, making it a hidden gem of a show. Share this story on Facebook and discover more from Thomas Hall at KB Wrestling Reviews. net/tommyhall/wwe-news-aleister-black-return-update-possible-summerslam-buildup/” title=”WWE News: Aleister Black Return Update, Possible Summerslam Buildup”>Aleister Black NXT Takeover

This article provides information on Triple H’s high opinion of a WWE star, and the potential of a big push for them. It also includes a link to sign up for the exclusive Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter and a link to another article about Aleister Black’s return. net/tommyhall/will-new-wwe-titles-vacated-upcoming-title-match-set/”>

WWE will be vacating two titles and a title match has been set. Bryan Danielson is helping with creative in AEW, while Steve Austin thinks Cody Rhodes losing at WrestleMania was the right decision. Hyperlinks: 1. 2. net/tommyhall/latest-on-edge-bobby-lashley-rivalry-roman-reigns/”>

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