Reigning Champion Sets World Record with Title Win: The Details are Complicated

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Lee, who is the current champion, made history by surpassing the 254 day reign of the former champion, Chris Michaels. The record was officially broken when Lee defeated Michaels at the UWF’s Night of Legends event.

Wes Lee has set the record for the longest North American Title reign in history, surpassing the 254 day reign of former champion Chris Michaels, at the UWF Night of Legends event. Notable mentions include not WWE advertising Roman Reigns and selling a bunch of tickets. UWF Night of Legends Event, Not Here: WWE Accidentally Advertises Roman Reigns. net/tommyhall/kind-reigning-champion-breaks-title-record-big-complicated/” title=”Click to watch the video”>[This post contains video, click to play]

Roderick Strong is breaking the record for longest reign as NXT North American Champion. If he holds the title until June 10, he will hold the title for 231 days, beating Velveteen Dream’s current record of 209 days. He has done great things with the title and is scheduled to defend it against Tyler Bate and Joe Gacy at Battleground on May 28. Find out more about Roderick Strong Breaking Record here and see what Roderick Strong has done with his championship reign here. com/wwe/”>on Facebook and on Twitter.

Adam Cole, the reigning NXT Champion, has broken the record for the longest unified reign in history. He is now just three weeks short of the real record and is on his way to making history. Share your thoughts on Cole’s remarkable title reign by commenting on this article on Facebook and Twitter. net/tommyhall/kind-reigning-champion-breaks-title-record-big-complicated/”>

This article discusses a reigning professional wrestling champion breaking a title record. Thomas Hall offers more content on his website and Amazon author page. Additionally, readers can sign up for the exclusive Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter to stay up to date on the latest rumors. The post can be found at This article discusses how WWE Champion Drew McIntyre broke the record for longest-reigning champion in WWE history. The article highlights the various accomplishments of McIntyre during his reign as champion, and the journey to success which he has undertaken. It also outlines the complications which McIntyre overcame in order to achieve this feat. Two hyperlinks included:

Drew McIntyre broke the record for longest-reigning WWE Champion, achieving the feat on April 10, 2021.
The article outlines his journey to success and the various accomplishments he achieved during his reign as champion.

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