R-Truth Sets Sights on Sensational Comeback, Aims to Capture Women’s Tag Team Gold

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Professional wrestling fans, get ready for some exciting news! After a long hiatus due to injury, R-Truth is on the path to making his return to the ring. The former WWE 24/7 champion suffered a torn quad last November, followed by two surgeries and a subsequent infection. However, R-Truth recently shared a picture from WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, indicating that his comeback is imminent.

R-Truth’s journey to recovery has been a challenging one, but his determination and resilience have been inspiring. In a previous interview with Cageside Seats, he expressed his optimism about returning to action sooner than later. And now, it seems like that time is finally approaching.

While we eagerly await R-Truth’s return, he has also expressed interest in teaming up with WWE Women’s Tag Team champion Chelsea Green. Green recently announced open auditions for a partner to fill in for her injured teammate, Sonya Deville. R-Truth took to social media to make his case, showcasing his versatile talents and offering to be Green’s temporary partner until Deville returns.

In a hilarious video, R-Truth humorously listed his skills, including rapping, dancing, singing, playing the harmonica, and even playing pickleball. He also mentioned his newfound ability to kill spiders, except for the good ones like Charlotte Web. R-Truth’s charismatic plea to Green has garnered attention and support from fans, who are excited about the potential partnership.

Chelsea Green responded positively to R-Truth’s audition, considering his fear of spiders and ladder phobia. However, it was his piccolo/pickleball gag that won her over. As fans, we can’t help but root for this collaboration, especially considering R-Truth’s track record as a Mixed Match Challenge winner.

R-Truth’s accomplishments in the wrestling world go beyond his entertaining reign as the WWE 24/7 champion. With a career spanning over a quarter-century, he has held or challenged for numerous titles in various promotions. His 54 runs with the now mothballed 24/7 championship were particularly memorable and showcased his comedic genius.

As we eagerly await R-Truth’s return, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a partnership with Chelsea Green in the WWE Women’s Tag Team division. Together, they have the potential to dominate the competition and provide fans with unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more updates on R-Truth’s comeback and his potential tag team partnership with Chelsea Green.

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