Prince Nana Reveals Who He’d Like To See Join The Embassy, Talks Jimmy Rave

Speaking on a recent episode of the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Prince Nana commented on a variety of topics, including which wrestler he’d like to see become a part of the Embassy.

Additionally, Nana commented on his time working with Jimmy Rave in Ring of Honor, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jimmy Rave as the “Crown Jewel” of the Embassy: “He helped me create a position in The Embassy known as the ‘Crown Jewel.’ It’s a position one day we will resurrect it in a tournament, a Jimmy Rave tournament, something like that, to crown a new Crown Jewel of The Embassy. That role right there, very big shoes to fill. Rest in Peace, Jimmy Rave. That’s a good friend of mine. A good good good good good good good friend.”

On his favorite Jimmy Rave match: “My favorite Jimmy Rave match would have to be the feud with CM Punk. Steel cage. Bloody. I’m saying, this was the culmination of everything. It went down in Chicago. Probably right before CM Punk left to go to the WWE. That was one of the best feuds we had was with [Rave] and CM Punk. It’s a memorable feud, people should go and watch it on the ROH Honor Club, alright? Sign up today, my friends.”

On Jimmy Rave standing up for what he believed in: “There’s so many stories about Jimmy Rave. He’s such a good guy. He stood up for what he believed in. I’ve seen him in different countries have great matches and then he’s hanging out with the guys that don’t get treated as well by the promoters. He’ll end up cursing the promoter out. He’ll put the promoter in their place. ‘Listen, bozo. You’re here because of us, we’re not here because of you.”

On Jimmy Rave being open-minded and willing to learn: “He was very open-minded. One thing I loved about Jimmy, he was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy. And this is with everybody, I’m just saying this because I’m African. He really loved our culture. He really really wanted to know more. When it came to The Embassy stuff, he called his finishing move the “Ghana-rhea.” Just things like that, y’know? His daughter, she’s a beautiful human being. His kids… just a great guy. You’ll hear tons of stories down the road about this, he was just a great mentor to a lot of guys that are signed today. I just pray that his wife and his daughter continue to stay blessed in these hard times.”

On who Nana would bring back to the join the Embassy: “If I were to bring back one guy, that would just change the course of everything, it would be Tomasso Ciampa. If you want to know how The Embassy works, and why we have so much opportunity in the wrestling industry? Look at the rise of Tomasso Ciampa, okay? This is a smart person. An individual who befriended me, when I was at the height of my career. You have to choose your battles, my friend. And he chose his battle to be with Prince Nana. He came under the learning tree for a while, even though we were still kind of at the same level as far as experience. He took my advice. And he got what he needed out of it, and look where he is today: one of the top alumni from The Embassy.”

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