NXT Superstars Battle for Supremacy: Results from 5/23

Jade keeps control and talks some trash. Lyra turns it around but gets dropped. Lyra kicks out at 2 again.

Cora Jade and Lyra Valkyria face off in the semi-finals of the WWE NXT Women’s Title Tournament. The match begins with Cora Jade taunting Lyra Valkyria, however Lyra quickly fights back. After an exchange of blows from both competitors, Lyra turns it around and drops Jade. Lyra kicks out at two and the match continues. WWE NXT and Booker T provide commentary. Ilja stands tall and walks off as we go back to ringside.

Lyra Valkyria defeats Jade with a roundhouse kick and advances. Afterwards, Jade takes Lyra’s knee out and smacks it with a kendo stick. Meanwhile, Ilja Dragunov is seen attacking Dijak backstage. Lyra stands tall as the victor after the match. [Wikipedia], [WWE] We go to replays.

At tonight’s Last Man Standing bout at Battleground, Axiom and Dabba-Kato faced off in the ring. Dabba-Kato overpowered Axiom and earned the quick win. After the match, Scrypts intervened when Kato attacked Axiom again and officials held Kato back. Fans chanted for Axiom and Scrypts to “hug it out.” [hyperlink 1](https://www.wwe.com/shows/battleground)[hyperlink 2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_wrestling) But they didn’t.

This week, Tony D’Angelo is accused of bribery and is in a police interrogation room. The detective has footage from an informant. We also get a video package of the NXT Battleground main event, featuring the challenger Bron Breakker. Gallus is then out to talk about Tony and The Creed Brothers not stepping up to challenge them. Check out this week’s full NXT show to find out what happens next and learn more about Gallus! Bate ends up unloading on Thorpe in the corner with chops. Bate with a big suplex for a 2 count. Thorpe fights back and takes Bate to the corner now. Thorpe with a splash in the corner. Thorpe with a big powerbomb for a close 2 count. Thorpe follows up with a suplex and another pin attempt. Thorpe with more offense and another 2 count. Tyler Bate and Eddy Thorpe have a back and forth match, ending with Tyler Bate pinning Thorpe for the win. [WWE] [Cage Side Seats] We go to more replays.

Tyler Bate defeats Thorpe with the Tyler Driver 97 after blocking Thorpe’s signature offense. Joe Gacy rushes the ring after the match to attack Bate and Lee, raising the title in the air while Ava applauds from ringside. Ring of Honor and Professional Wrestling provide more information. Dar fights out and gets the upperhand. Frazer ends up dumping Dar to the floor. Dar runs back in and they tangle. Dar with a kick in the corner and a big suplex. Dar with a neckbreaker for a close 2 count. Dar with more offense and a close 2 count. Dar keeps control and sends Frazer to the floor. Dar follows and Frazer runs back in and fights him off. Frazer with a roll-up for a close 2 count. Frazer with a big enziguri for another close 2 count. Frazer with a big moonsault for another close 2 count. Frazer with a kick to the face in the corner. Frazer goes to the top for a big splash but Dar gets his knees up.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Lyra Valkyria in the trainer’s room. Lyra expresses confidence that she will be ready for her match and hopes to face NXT Champion Roxanne Perez in the finals. Noam Dar and Nathan Frazer face off in a non-title match. Dar has the upperhand for most of the match, with Frazer getting close to winning with a few close 2 counts. In the end, Dar gets the win after blocking Frazer’s top-rope splash with his knees. <a href="https://www.wwe.com/videos/nxt-heritage-cup-noam-dar-vs-nathan-frazer- Frazer fights back and slams Dar again. Frazer follows up with a big elbow drop for a two count as Dar kicks out. Dar fights back and drops Frazer with a big clothesline for a close two count.

Dar and Frazer fight back and forth with Dar sending Frazer to the floor. Dar hits a big kick and looks to follow up but Frazer counters and hits a headlock takedown. Dar fights back up and looks to mount offense, but Frazer unloads and sends Dar out to the floor. Frazer follows up with a middle rope moonsault, inverted DDT, corkscrew 450 and elbow drop, but Dar counters with an ankle lock and arm bar. Dar ultimately drops Frazer with a big clothesline for a two count. Professional Wrestling and WWE are referenced in this article. Dragunov rants in his native language before he signs. He says he will make Dijak suffer like no other.

Nathan Frazer defeats Danny Burch in a close match. After the match, Frazer stands tall with Dragon Lee as they both celebrate and hold the Heritage Cup. Ilja Dragunov is backstage and signs the Hold Harmless Agreement before vowing to make Dijak suffer. NXT, Ilja Dragunov. Tank hits the big clothesline and covers for a 2 count. Tank keeps control and launches Hank into the corner. Tank follows up with more offense and a 2 count.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger have a brawl in the ring, with Hank gaining control initially, but Tank eventually taking over. They exchange offense, but Tank gets a close nearfall. The action between the two heats up as they battle for the win. [Link 1](https://www.wwe.com/shows/nxt) [Link 2](https://www.wwe.com/superstars/hank-walker) Ivy Nile mentions how she will be joining them in the battle, and they all embrace in a “Creed Movement” hug.

Hank Walker won the match after trading big strikes with his opponent Tank in the middle of the ring. After the match, Bron Breakker attacked both wrestlers and declared he will face Carmelo Hayes Sunday at Battleground. Ivy Nile, The Creed Brothers and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo joined forces backstage and promised they will get the NXT Tag Team Titles back at Battleground. [Battleground, Creed Movement] Jayne says she’ll think about it and leaves.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne’s rivalry is set to culminate with a match to settle their score. Dolin reflects on her broken home and her parents’ addictions. Jayne interrupts from the lounge above the crowd and claims that their feud started during the best run of Dolin’s career. Jayne also mentions beating Dolin in front of her brother. Dolin proposes to settle the score and Jayne leaves, suggesting that she will think about it. Meanwhile, The Stacks and The Creeds make arrangements for a match on Sunday for The Creeds’ titles. [Link 1](https://www.example.com/professional_wrestling “Professional Wrestling”) [Link 2](https://www.example.com/gigi_dolin_jacy_jayne “Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne”) Dar says if Mensah doesn’t accept, he’ll be sorry. Mensah declines the offer.

Jayne and Dolin are engaging in a heated argument, with Jayne issuing a challenge for a Steel Cage match next week. Dolin accepted the challenge, wanting to make it a Weaponized Cage match. Meanwhile, attorney Luca Crusifino is set to settle an ongoing dispute between Von Wagner and Mr. Stone in the ring. Additionally, a video package on the NXT Heritage Cup is shown, where Noam Dar is begging Oro Mensah to be in his corner, which is ultimately declined. Jayne and Dolin have a Steel Cage match next week, while Von Wagner will face Mr. Stone in the ring and Noam Dar’s offer to Oro Mensah was declined. Luca brings it back in and goes to the top but Von crotches him. Von brings it back in and collects Luca for a suplex. Von follows up with a big boot for the pin to win.

Luca Crusifino and Von Wagner compete in a match, with Von Wagner emerging victorious. After Luca Crusifino had words for Von Wagner at the start, Von Wagner attacked and dominated the match. Luca managed to fight back, but eventually Von Wagner landed a big boot to gain the pin and the win. Luca Crusifino and Von Wagner are two professional wrestlers featured in this match. Scarlett Bordeaux

Luca Crusifino wins the match against Von by disqualification. Von then beats Luca up at ringside and powerbombs him on top of the announce table. Meanwhile, Tony D’Angelo is arrested in the police interrogation room. The NXT Women’s Title Tournament Semifinals will be between Tiffany Stratton and Scarlett Bordeaux. Luca Crusifino and Tony D’Angelo are featured in the episode. Stratton grounds Perez and keeps control.

In tonight’s main event on NXT, Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez faced off in the semifinals for the vacant NXT Women’s Title. After several back-and-forth counters, Stratton gained control and kept it with strikes and chokes, but Perez countered with a suicide dive. The winner of the match will face Lyra Valkyria at Battleground. WWE NXT Roxanne Perez Paris is set. Stratton celebrates as we go back to the ring for a post-match interview.

Tiffany Stratton defeated Vanessa Perez in the semi-final match of a tournament to advance to the finals. She pinned Perez after hitting the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Stratton celebrated with a post-match interview. WWE Superstars, the show on which the match occurred will feature Stratton in the finals at WWE Battleground. Lyra Valkyria is confirmed for the tournament finals on Sunday and is arguing with Stratton over the NXT Women’s Title belt. Perez was attacked and beaten by a mystery hooded woman before being taken to the back by officials. Dijak and Ilja Dragunov signed a Hold Harmless Agreement for Battleground in a wild brawl at ringside. Lyra Valkyria and Ilja Dragunov signed the agreement amidst a wild brawl. Alexander Dragunov defeated Dominik Dijak in a No DQ match when he hit him with half of the steel ring steps. Two hyperlinks are included in the text, one with a Twitter handle and the other an email address. The post ends with a link to an article titled “WWE NXT Results 5/23/2023” from Wrestling Headlines.

Alexander Dragunov defeated Dominik Dijak in a No DQ match by using half of the steel ring steps. The post WWE NXT Results 5/23/2023 from Wrestling Headlines contains two hyperlinks, one with the Twitter handle @this_is_marc and the other an email address. Lyra covers for the pin to advance to the finals at WWE Battleground.

This is a report on a semifinal match of the NXT Women’s Title Tournament between Cora Jade and Lyra Valkyria. Lyra Valkyria emerged victorious after delivering a two count pin. Lyra will now advance to the finals at WWE Battleground. [Hyperlink 1](https://www.wwe.com/shows/battleground) [Hyperlink 2](https://www.wwe.com/superstars/lyra-valyria) They go at it and Axiom takes control early on.

Lyra Valkyria wins a match with a sudden roundhouse kick and a pin. Jade then attacked Lyra’s knee with a kendo stick afterward. Ilja Dragunov then attacked Dijak backstage and Vic has a document for them to sign for their Last Man Standing bout at Battleground. Axiom and Dabba-Kato squared off in the ring and Axiom took control early on. Battleground and WWE Superstars are mentioned. He slams his hand on the table and stands up. The detective follows him and Tony walks away.

Dabba-Kato defeated Axiom in a professional wrestling match after attacking him and putting him down. Afterwards, Scrypts entered the ring to attack Kato before officials held him back. Elsewhere, Tony D’Angelo is accused of bribery and is being interrogated. Professional Wrestling, Tony D’Angelo. Two detectives investigate Tony D’Angelo regarding a new footage, while Bron Breakker’s video package is shown for the NXT Battleground main event. The Creed Brothers challenge Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Champions for Battleground, causing a brawl between the two teams. NXT and NXT Battleground are mentioned. Bate powers up and hits a big European uppercut, then a lariat. Bate drops Thorpe and covers for a two count. Bate keeps control and covers for another two count. Bate takes Thorpe to the corner and delivers a few more big shots. Tyler Bate defeats Eddy Thorpe after a hard-fought match. Tyler Bate and Joe Gacy have a staredown before heading to the back. Tyler Bate defeated Eddy Thorpe in a match on NXT. NXT North American Champion Wes Lee was at ringside for the match and had a staredown with Joe Gacy afterwards. WWE NXT and Tyler Bate are the 2 hyperlinks. Lyra is asked what happened. Lyra says she was prepared for Holidead and the match. Lyra says Holidead took her out with a “brutal shot to the back of the head” and was lucky to be alive.

Tyler Bate defeats Thorpe in the ring and Joe Gacy rushes the ring afterwards to attack them. Lyra Valkyria was taken out by Holidead in their match with a “brutal shot to the back of the head”. [WWE] [Pro Wrestling] Frazer keeps control and drops a big elbow. Dar fights back and keeps control for a while. Frazer ends up with a big German suplex. Dar fights back and charges, but Frazer dropkicks him. Frazer with a big lariat for a close 2 count. Frazer keeps control and covers for another close 2 count. Noam Dar defeats Nathan Frazer in a non-title match. After the match, Noam Dar and Nathan Frazer shake hands. Lyra and Roxanne Perez have been confirmed for the NXT Women’s Championship Finals. Noam Dar and Nathan Frazer faced off in a non-title match where Noam Dar emerged victorious. Lyra and Roxanne Perez have been confirmed for the NXT Women’s Championship Finals. Hyperlink 1: [NXT Heritage Cup] (https://www.wwe.com/shows/nxt/nxt-heritage-cup) Hyperlink 2: [NXT Women’s Championship] (https://www.wwe.com/titlehistory/womens-nxt-championship). Noam Dar defeated Nathan Frazer in a non-title match, and Lyra and Roxanne Perez have been confirmed for the NXT Women’s Championship Finals. Frazer looks to regain control but Dar catches him in the small package for the pin to win the Heritage Cup match.

In this professional wrestling match, Dar and Frazer battle back and forth, with Frazer looking to regain control with a corkscrew 450. However, Dar catches him with a small package and wins the Heritage Cup match. Professional Wrestling and Professional Wrestling Match are related topics. Dijak beats Dragunov around the locker room and then throws him to the floor. NXT goes off the air as officials come in to break it up.

Nathan Frazer defeated Noam Dar in a match at NXT, with Dragon Lee present. After the match, Frazer celebrated with Lee while Dar seethed in the ring. Ilja Dragunov and Dijak were to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement tonight but it ended with Dijak attacking Dragunov and officials having to break it up. [Hyperlink 1 – NXT](https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt){Hyperlink 2 – Hold Harmless Agreement](https://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/hold-harmless-agreement.asp) Other wrestlers try to pull them apart but the brawl continues.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger engage in a heated brawl at NXT Battleground. Other wrestlers try to hold them back, but they continue to exchange big strikes and attempts to knock each other down. WWE NXT, NXT Battleground Hank Walker defeats Bron Breakker in a match at Battleground. Afterwards, Breakker attacks both Hank and Tank. Ivy Nile, The Creed Brothers, and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo discuss the possibility of The Don joining their cause at Battleground. Dolin accepts the challenge, then goes for a dive off the lounge but Jayne escapes.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne have accepted a Steel Cage match for next week, after Jayne interrupted Dolin’s tirade about their broken home and their past rivalry. Dolin accepted the challenge and Jayne escaped from a dive attempt. [Steel Cage Match, Professional Wrestling] Von Wagner will be settled in the ring, while Noam Dar begs Oro Mensah to be in his corner for the NXT Heritage Cup match against Dragon Lee and Nathan Frazer. Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend taunt Dar over possibly losing the Cup. Professional Wrestling and NXT Heritage Cup are mentioned in this article. Von hits the running elbow to the face for the pin to win.

Von Wagner defeated attorney Luca Crusifino in a match that was a result of recent events. Wagner attacked Luca to start the match and eventually hit a running elbow to the face for the pin to win. [Hyperlink 1: Professional Wrestling|Professional Wrestling] [Hyperlink 2: Search Engine Optimized|Search Engine Optimized] Content. Luca Crusifino was disqualified in his match against Von Stone, giving Stone the win and progressing him to the finals of the NXT Championship Tournament. Tony D’Angelo is arrested for his part in the kidnapping case. Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez face off in the semifinals of the NXT Women’s Title Tournament, with the winner going on to face Lyra Valkyria at Battleground for the vacant NXT Women’s Title.
Two related hyperlinks:
– https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt
– https://www.wwe.com/superstars/tony-dangelo Stratton fires back and hits a big kick to the face for a close 2.

Two professional wrestlers, Stratton and Perez, go back and forth for the first few minutes in a wrestling match. Stratton takes control and works on Perez’s arm before Perez counters and sends Stratton to the floor. Perez goes to the top but Stratton sends her back out to the floor. After a commercial break, Stratton capitalizes with strikes and brings it back in for a 2 count. Stratton slams Perez down by her hair and hits a double stomp for another 2 count. Stratton hits a big sit-out powerbomb for another 2 count before Perez fights back with a big hurricanrana for a close 2 count. Stratton fires back with a big kick to the face for a close 2. [Link 1](www.example.com) [Link 2](www.example2.com) Tiffany Stratton defeated Perez in a close match to advance to the finals of a tournament, where she will face Lyra Valkyria at Battleground on Sunday. After the match, a hooded woman attacked Perez and ran off as officials and Valkyria tended to her. [WWE NXT, Tiffany Stratton] At NXT Battleground, Dijak and Ilja Dragunov had an intense brawl, with Dragunov launching Dijak into the front row area and using half of the steel ring steps to put Dijak down. Both superstars signed the Hold Harmless Agreement before the match. This episode of NXT ended with a video package hyping NXT Battleground. WWE NXT Battleground, Hold Harmless Agreement. This post provides the results from WWE NXT on May 23rd, 2023. Readers can follow Marc on Twitter at @this_is_marc and can send any news, tips or corrections to the author by clicking here. The post was originally published on Wrestling Headlines.

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