NXT Level Up results: Jan. 27, 2023

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Dante Chen def. Kale Dixon

Swaggering down the ramp with the poise and bravado of a seasoned veteran, the debuting Kale Dixon didn’t look the least bit intimidated by the moment or by his opponent, feared striker Dante Chen.

Dixon, a former collegiate baseball standout, immediately backed Chen into the ropes and delivered a light albeit disrespectful slap to the face, only for Chen to return the favor moments later.

With Dixon receiving boos from the NXT Arena after landing a ring-ratting back suplex and some grandstanding, Chen fired back with a nasty pump kick to the ear and his devastating chest strike for the hard-earned win.

Dani Palmer def. Lola Vice

In a monumental match for each Superstar, Dani Palmer hit the squared circle seeking her first career victory, while Lola Vice made her highly anticipated debut and looked to start her WWE journey with a bang.

An accomplished MMA fighter, Vice put those skills to good use when she blistered Palmer with a savage roundhouse kick to the chin, a scorpion kick to the back and a snap suplex in rapid succession.

A fired-up Palmer got back in the fight with a handspring elbow and a standing moonsault for a two-count. Moments later, Palmer struck with a double-leg takedown and a crafty rollup and was equal parts ecstatic and relieved to have claimed her first win.

SCRYPTS def. Oro Mensah

Suddenly embroiled in a heated rivalry thanks to the mysterious @nxt_anonymous account, which caught SCRYPTS leaving his calling card in Oro Mensah’s locker, SCRYPTS and Mensah dazzled the WWE Universe with a thrill-a-minute clash in the main event.

Mensah, who has been in the hunt for the NXT North American Title, overwhelmed SCRYPTS in the early goings, hurling him to the mat with a headscissors takedown and launching himself over the top rope to wipe out his opponent on the ringside floor.

After absorbing a picture-perfect springboard dropkick from Mensah, SCRYPTS soon answered by dropping Mensah neck-first on the top rope and prevailed after winning an edge-of-your-seat series of rollup reversals.


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