No choking Naito in front of Hiroshima faithful

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Naito defeats DOUKI in Sun Plaza

Special singles action in Hiroshima on April 27 would see an openweight challenge, DOUKI taking on Tetsuya Naito one on one.

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DOUKI exploded out the blocks on his foe, and looked for the Italian Stretch early, but would get dropped by a neckbreaker as Naito took control. A physical pursuoit on the outside of the ring was curtailed by DOUKI though, and Japones Del Mal retained composure as he combined offense and landed a double stomp through Naito for two.

DOUKI’s first unforced error came when looking for Doton No Jutsu out of the corner, the J5G member unable to grasp El Ingobernable, and paying with a roll through and spinebuster as Naito rang his foe up for Esperanza. DOUKI refused to let Naito follow up though, and instead used the environment to his advantage, baiting Naito into a handstand DDT from the apron to the floor.

DOUKI wanted to follow with Daybreak, btu was denied with a barrage of back elbows from El Ingobernable, who wanted a fast end. Destino was denied however, and DOUKI went back to the Italian Stretch, rolling Naito back in as soon as he got free. Naito would make the ropes but got dropped with Daybreak; still naito proved too much weight for DOUKI to land Suplex De la Luna, and a brutal Valentia was followed by a full Destino for three.

Post match, Naito had some pointed words for SANADA, using the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion’s own words against him as he asked ‘if you don’t mind, please kindly leave’. Simple grandstanding for Naito, or…?


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