Night of Champions 2013 Reviewed: Jaw-Dropping Action Unleashed Post Epic Angle

Welcome to, your number one source for all things professional wrestling! I’m Jeff Wolfe, and today we’ll be diving into a review of Night of Champions 2013. This event took place on September 15, 2013, at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. With a stacked card featuring the likes of Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and more, let’s see how this show played out.

The night kicked off with a Tag Team Turmoil match on the pre-show. The winners of this match would earn a shot at Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns’ Tag Team Championships later in the evening. The match featured five teams, with 3MB facing Tons of Funk (minus the Funkadactyls) in the opening bout. Tons of Funk emerged victorious, but their journey was short-lived as they were defeated by The Real Americans in the next round. The Usos and the Prime Time Players were the final two teams, with the Prime Time Players ultimately coming out on top to earn the title shot.

The main card began with an Intercontinental Championship match between Curtis Axel and Kofi Kingston. Axel, accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman, put his title on the line against the high-flying Kingston. The match started slow, with Axel stalling on the outside multiple times. However, the intensity picked up towards the end, and Axel managed to retain his title with a neckbreaker into a cutter. Despite a slow start, the match picked up towards the end and showcased the abilities of both competitors.

Next up was a Divas Championship match featuring Natalya, Brie Bella, AJ Lee, and Naomi. This match was a bit of a mess, with the Total Divas storyline taking center stage. AJ Lee managed to retain her title by making Natalya submit to the Black Widow submission hold. The match received a low rating due to the lack of interest in the Total Divas storyline and the overall lackluster performance of the other competitors.

The World Heavyweight Championship was on the line as Rob Van Dam challenged Alberto Del Rio. This match had its moments, but the ending left much to be desired. Del Rio intentionally got himself disqualified by holding onto the ropes during a submission attempt, resulting in a retention of his title. The match itself was decent, but the ending left a sour taste in the mouths of fans.

The Miz took on Fandango in a filler match that failed to capture the audience’s attention. Miz managed to defeat Fandango with the Figure Four Leglock, but the lack of interest in the feud and the overall lackluster performance made this match forgettable.

CM Punk sought revenge against Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel in a No Disqualification, Handicap Elimination match. Punk dominated the match, eliminating Axel with the Anaconda Vice. This left Punk to face Heyman one-on-one. Heyman tried to escape, but Punk caught up to him and unleashed a brutal beating with a kendo stick. Heyman begged for mercy, but Punk showed no mercy and continued the assault. However, Ryback made a shocking return and powerbombed Punk through a table, allowing Heyman to get the pinfall victory. The match served its purpose in continuing the feud between Punk and Heyman, but the presence of Ryback added an unexpected twist.

The United States Championship was up for grabs as Dolph Ziggler challenged Dean Ambrose. This match provided a breath of fresh air with its fast-paced action and back-and-forth exchanges. Ziggler put up a valiant effort, but Ambrose managed to retain his title with a roll-up. The match received a decent rating due to the solid performances of both competitors.

The Tag Team Championships were on the line as The Prime Time Players faced off against The Shield (

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