New NWA women’s tag champions with titles changing hands twice on Powerrr

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The National Wrestling Alliance has new women’s tag champions. And then, the belts changed hands again. The final minutes of Powerrr saw two title changes for the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The Renegade Twins entered the main event ready for their first title defense. They won the gold at the Nuff Said PPV ten days ago, and now it was time for Pretty Empowered’s rematch. Kenzie Paige claimed injury, so Roxy stepped in to partner with Ella Envy.

Pretty Empowered attacked before the bell. They worked over Charlette Renegade with isolation tactics. Charlette made her move for the hot tag when she dodged a running cannonball in the corner. Robyn Renegade ran wild on Roxy. Running double knees in the corner and a dropkick had Roxy down for the pin. Envy made the save. Charlette ejected Envy from the ring. Robyn used the ropes for momentum on a roll-up, but Roxy reversed for top position to grab the tights for the winning pin. Pretty Empowered won the tag titles. The Paige sisters jumped for joy in celebration.

The celebration didn’t last long. Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski came out to cash in their Champions Series prize of a title shot. The fresh ladies mowed down the newly crowned champions. Madi teed off for an axe kick to pin Roxy. Kate and Madi won the tag titles.

Watch the chaos unfold on Powerrr.

What are your feelings on the double title change with Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski walking out as champions?


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