Miro’s Frustration Mounts as Alluring Wife Tests His Willpower

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Last week, we heard from Miro’s hot flexible wife. She made like she was going to go into the management business in AEW because Miro is still caught up with his god and his gold.

We didn’t get an update from her on AEW Collision this week but we did hear from Miro, and he is not a happy fella:

“Hobbs, you son of a bitch. You should be thanking The Redeemer right now. I punched you all the way to heaven, stomped you back down to hell, broke your back — but it didn’t make you humble. And for that somewhere down the line we’ll have to meet up again.

“But you — at All Out when I was at my weakest, you delivered temptation. My hot and flexible wife. Why, God? Why, why, why? Every time I try to step away from you you do everything to pull me back. I will not bend. It is not my fault that your absence from this world left all these people godless. And now they have hope because they pray to me. And if one of them fools don’t want to be redeemed, I’m gonna package them nice in a pine box and send them your way.

“For this is the promise of The Redeemer.”

I remain committed to my take that I do not remotely care where this is going because Miro is so unbelievably good at this.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Collision this week:

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Miro Expresses Frustration with Hot Flexible Wife’s Temptation at AEW Collision

Last week, Miro’s hot flexible wife hinted at venturing into the management business in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). However, fans were left in suspense as she did not provide an update during AEW Collision this week. Instead, Miro himself took the opportunity to express his frustration.

In a fiery promo, Miro directed his anger towards Hobbs, calling him a “son of a bitch” and stating that he should be grateful to The Redeemer. Miro boasted about his previous victories over Hobbs, claiming to have punched him to heaven, stomped him back down to hell, and broken his back. However, Miro expressed disappointment that these actions did not make Hobbs humble.

Furthermore, Miro blamed Hobbs for tempting him with his hot and flexible wife during All Out, a time when Miro was at his weakest. He questioned God, asking why every time he tries to distance himself, he is pulled back. Miro firmly stated that he will not bend and that it is not his fault that God’s absence left people godless. He claimed that people now find hope in him and vowed to send those who refuse redemption to God in a pine box.

Miro’s intense promo showcased his exceptional mic skills and ability to captivate the audience. Despite the unclear direction of the storyline, fans continue to be impressed by Miro’s performances.

AEW Collision Highlights and Videos

While Miro’s promo stole the spotlight, AEW Collision delivered several exciting matches and moments. Here are some of the highlights from this week’s episode:

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