Maria Kanellis Preparing To Undergo Thyroid Surgery

Maria Kanellis has announced that she is preparing to undergo thyroid surgery.

The AEW star and current member of The Kingdom revealed the news in a post on her personal Instagram, where she thanked Tony Khan and her husband Mike Bennett for supporting her during this time. The surgery is being done to help remove abnormal cells in her body that could potentially turn cancerous.

Today I am getting thyroid surgery to remove half my thyroid which includes a nodule. I’ve been have symptoms for the past 2 and a half years. Heart racing, trouble with weight loss, skin changes, exhaustion, mood changes, sore throat, anxiety, period changes, raspy voice, trouble swallowing, brain fog, calcium deficiency, amongst others. But, with having 2 kids, the Pandemic, and multiple times being fired I just didn’t have the time to really focus on it. Now, my doctor has told me that there are abnormal cells which could turn cancerous and a possibility of causing afib, which is a heart condition. So, with the full support of @aew, it’s time. Thank you to @tonyrkhan, Megha, and CD for the support!! And of course thank you to my wonderful husband @therealmichaelbennett and my amazing mother for helping us through this time!! Recovery is supposed to be about 2 weeks for the incision and about a year for the hormones to balance. I can work after 2 weeks with no restrictions. I will keep you all posted…

Here is a photo pre-thyroid surgery scar. Hahaha…

Check out her full post below.


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