Liv wants a ‘more consistent and more stable’ WWE women’s tag scene

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It’s never been clear WWE introduced the Women’s Tag Team championship for any reason other than public relations.

Since Vince McMahon announced the title’s creation in December of 2018, the belts and the division pursuing them have been often been afterthoughts on Raw & SmackDown. Hell, at times it’s been like they were actually forgotten entirely. Sasha Banks & Naomi (aka Mercedes Moné & Trinity Fatu) were allegedly so unhappy with creative plans while they were champs last year, they left the company over it.

Liv Morgan, who currently holds the WWE Women’s Tag titles along with Raquel Rodriguez, acknowledges that struggle. She’s realistic about the championship’s track record, but she still hope. As Morgan told Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick on the latest episode of WWE’s After The Bell podcast:

“There’s ebbs and flows and there’s going to be some trial and errors, but I would love for the tag division to be more consistent and more stable. That’s exactly what Raquel and I are aiming to do. I am 100% all in on Raquel and making our team work and making sure that we are reigning and defending champions.

“I know it’s so cliche. Everyone wants to be defending champions, but for the women and for these titles specifically, it’s important that they have a home that is ready to go every single week. We have been going to both shows since after WrestleMania and that’s not anything that we do begrudgingly. We are so prepared and proud and ready, even if we’re tired, to do what we have to do, to show the WWE Universe that these are stable and these are consistent and they found a home with Raquel and I. We are honored, honored, honored to be the champions and we just want to represent that to the best of our ability.”

Provided the Women’s Tag champs are still allowed to take on challengers from both the red and blue brands, the rumored hard roster split post-Draft could give Morgan & Rodriguez more opportunities to work with a wider variety of talent. But WWE’s always had the ability to make that happen, and yet they haven’t… so we’re a little more optimistic than Liv.

Doesn’t mean we won’t be pulling for her. Do you think Morgan’s wish will come true?

You can listen to Liv and her partner’s entire appearance on After The Bell here. Thanks to for their transcription of the above quote.


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