Lana Makes Explosive AEW All Out Debut – Fans Left Speechless!

CJ Perry (Lana) Debuts at AEW All Out – CJ Perry, previously recognized as Lana during her time in WWE, made her AEW debut at the All Out event on September 3rd, 2023, where she provided assistance to her husband, Miro.

In an intense contest, Miro managed to secure victory against Powerhouse Hobbs. However, the post-match handshake turned chaotic when Hobbs launched a surprise attack on Miro from behind. Hobbs continued the assault relentlessly until a surprising turn of events unfolded – CJ Perry, the real-life spouse of Miro, made her entrance into the ring, wielding a chair.

Hobbs found himself in a standoff with CJ Perry, but before long, Miro regained his composure and joined the fray, using the chair to pummel Hobbs. What followed was an unexpected moment of tension, as Miro and CJ Perry exchanged stares, with Miro appearing visibly perturbed. Eventually, Miro left the ring saying, “You’re not real.”, leaving CJ Perry standing alone in the center.

It’s noteworthy that during her appearance, CJ Perry was introduced simply as Miro’s wife with “Hot & Flexible” on the graphic, without mentioning her name. This intriguing development adds a new layer to Miro’s storyline in AEW, raising questions about the future direction of CJ Perry’s character within the promotion.

Many fans and wrestling enthusiasts took to social media to express their excitement and surprise at CJ Perry’s debut in AEW. The moment created a buzz among fans and sparked speculation about the potential impact she could have on the promotion.

AEW has been known for its unpredictable and exciting moments, and CJ Perry’s debut is another example of the promotion’s commitment to delivering compelling storylines and surprises. With her background and experience in WWE, CJ Perry brings a unique perspective and skillset to the AEW roster.

As the dust settled after CJ Perry’s debut, fans were left wondering what role she will play in AEW moving forward. Will she align herself with Miro and become a force to be reckoned with in the promotion? Or will she forge her own path and create a new identity for herself in AEW?

Only time will tell how CJ Perry’s character will develop in AEW, but one thing is for sure – her debut has added an exciting new dynamic to the promotion’s already stacked roster. Fans can expect more surprises and thrilling moments as AEW continues to push the boundaries of professional wrestling.

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