Kylie Rae Apologizes To Former Impact Colleagues

By /Jan. 27, 2023 7:30 am EST

On Monday, Kylie Rae did an interview with “Going Broadway Podcast” that streamed live on their YouTube channel. During the wide-ranging interview, which ran over two hours, one topic she went into in great detail was her recent WWE tryout, which included her doing extra work on “WWE Main Event.” During that discussion, she got sidetracked, noting that during her tryout, she saw former Impact Wrestling colleagues like Wes Lee (the former Dezmond Xavier), and how it was nice to see them and clear the air about her departure from that company, where she abruptly no-showed a pay-per-view event and temporarily retired.

“The whole Impact thing…” she said before trailing off slightly. “I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the people who I’ve worked with there and take time with each of them and apologize. And every single one has been so nice and understanding about it, in a sense of ‘Why are you even apologizing? You need to take care of yourself first! Real-life first, your mental health, your health in general, you need to take care of you.’ And I’m like ‘No, I appreciate you saying this, but I still wish would have handled it differently.’ Hindsight is 20/20, but just being able to have those opportunities to actually talk in person with them, maybe that was the reason why [my WWE tryout] happened. Again, I’m a believer in God, I believe he puts things in your path. I was the type of person that would run from my problems, but you’re just gonna run into them at some point down the road!”

Since putting a greater focus on her mental health, Kylie Rae has been working a more limited independent schedule while also working as one of the coaches at the Freelance Wrestling Academy in Chicago, which produced current “NXT” star Cora Jade. Before her recent WWE try-out, Kylie’s last match for a major promotion was on October 28 at NJPW Rumble On 44th Street Kickoff in New York City.


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