KUSHIDA and Kevin Knight make major IMPACT against Good Hands

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Team score debut win on Thursday

Thursday night’s IMPACT on AXS TV saw KUSHIDA and Kevin Knight teaming together for the first time since Super Jr. Tag League, and putting their skills to the test against the ‘Good Hands’ team of STRONG alum Jon Skyler and Jason Hotch.

Knight started with Skyler, who tried to suppress Knight early but found himself worked over with rapid tags in the corner. A blind tag from Skyler would see Hotch take advantage of KUSHIDA with a cheap shot, and a sunset flip German suplex did its damage to the Timesplitter, but a handspring back elbow brought Knight back inside.

As the match rapidly broke down, Knight and KUSHIDA used their agility to break down their heavyweight opposition. Hotch would be hoisted for a rocket boot dropkick from Knight, and then tapped quickly to the Hoverboard Lock as this combination quickly earned a lot of respect in IMPACT Wrestling circles.

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