Kris Statlander Reveals Surprising Influence Behind Her AEW Contract

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Kris Statlander Credits MJF for AEW Signing – Kris Statlander recently appeared on the Under The Ring podcast, where she discussed her TBS Title run and her return from knee surgery. During the interview, Statlander also credited MJF for playing a role in getting her signed by AEW.

Kris Statlander, the reigning TBS Champion, expressed her satisfaction with her title run and her return from knee surgery. She mentioned that winning the title on her comeback was a way to top her previous return, where she emerged from a claw machine. Statlander also revealed that her Zoolander-themed gear was inspired by her last name and her love for the iconic movie. She had the gear made while she was recovering from surgery and was thrilled when Ben Stiller himself commented on it.

Statlander then discussed how she got the opportunity to work for AEW. She recalled receiving an email to do a dark match and be an extra, which she eagerly accepted despite the distance. She was surprised when the possibility of being signed was discussed even before she had her match. Statlander admitted that she was initially concerned about not being seen in action before being brought into the company. However, she mentioned that MJF, despite her reluctance to credit him, played a significant role in recommending her to AEW. She acknowledged that without his recommendation, she might not have gotten the opportunity so early on.

Statlander’s praise for MJF has sparked interest among fans and wrestling enthusiasts. Many are curious about the friendship between the two wrestlers and the influence MJF has had on Statlander’s career. As Statlander continues her successful run as the TBS Champion, fans eagerly await her future matches and storylines.

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