Kris Statlander Dominates Once More, Defends TBS Championship on Thrilling AEW Dynamite Episode

AEW TBS Champion Kris Statlander successfully defended her title against Emi Sakura on the latest episode of Dynamite. Statlander secured the victory with her signature move, the Saturday Night Fever driver. This win marks her eighth successful defense since she dethroned Jade Cargill in May. Fans can catch the highlights of the match below:

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– All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 7, 2023

Emi Sakura put up a fierce fight, showing no mercy against the champion. However, Statlander proved why she is the reigning champion by overcoming Sakura’s relentless attacks. The match was filled with intense moments, including a crossbody into the steel stairs, showcasing Sakura’s determination to claim the title.

Statlander’s reign as the AEW TBS Champion has been nothing short of impressive. Since capturing the title from Jade Cargill, she has consistently defended it against formidable opponents. Her in-ring skills and athleticism have made her a fan-favorite, and her victory against Sakura further solidifies her position at the top of the women’s division.

The AEW TBS Championship has quickly become one of the most prestigious titles in women’s professional wrestling. The division is stacked with talented competitors, and Statlander has proven herself as a worthy champion. With each successful defense, she continues to elevate the prestige of the title and the women’s division as a whole.

Statlander’s victory over Sakura is a testament to her resilience and determination. Despite Sakura’s relentless offense, Statlander showcased her ability to endure and overcome adversity. The Saturday Night Fever driver was the exclamation point on a hard-fought match, solidifying Statlander’s reign as the AEW TBS Champion.

As the AEW TBS Champion, Statlander has become a role model for aspiring wrestlers around the world. Her dedication to her craft and her passion for the sport are evident in every match she competes in. She has proven that hard work and perseverance can lead to championship success.

With her eighth successful defense under her belt, Statlander’s reign as the AEW TBS Champion shows no signs of slowing down. The women’s division in AEW is filled with talented competitors, all vying for a shot at the title. However, Statlander’s impressive track record and unwavering determination make her a formidable champion.

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