Kerry Morton Asks NWA Fans To Give Tyrus A Chance As World Champion

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Kerry Morton supports Tyrus as NWA World’s Champion, even though the big man has a prize that he wants.

Morton, who is the current reigning NWA Junior Champion, spoke on this subject during an interview with Sean Ross Sapp back at WrestleCade this past December. In his chat, Morton calls Tyrus one of the hardest workers he’s ever seen and hopes that the NWA fanbase will give him a chance to succeed. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says big things are coming up for the NWA, including him possibly going after Tryus and the world championship:

So as of right now, November 26, 2022, I am on a freelance basis, but I think the confidence is coming through. NWA is growing. We have some crazy things coming up, especially the partnership with AAA, if you haven’t seen. So I think I might sign on board with the National Wrestling Alliance and because, although I’m the Junior Heavyweight Champion and I weight a little close to 200 pounds, I want the Ten Pounds of Gold and Tyrus, I’ll kick your knees out. I’m just joking. I’m not gonna.

Why he believes Tyrus is a credible world champion:

Listen, can I give some room to Tyrus right quick? Can I give some credibility to him? I’m gonna tell you this—I trained with Tyrus leading into Hard Times 3. He came down to the school of Morton in Chuckey, Tennessee and I trained with him. He cut some weight. Mind you, Tyrus lost close to 50 pounds from NWA 74 to NWA Hard Times, which is a tremendous amount of weight, especially for a man of that caliber. I gotta tell you, he beat the living shit out of me in a good sense. We worked hard. So you hear these ideas upon, ‘What can Tyrus do as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion?’ Shadow of a doubt, I’m just asking the viewers out there to give him a chance. Give him a chance, I’m not saying bet on him. I’m saying give him a chance, give him an opportunity, give him a little time. See what happens. That’s all I can ask for from a wrestling fan, so I’m asking. Maybe this guy just needs a little time.

Tyrus successfully defended the NWA World Title against Matt Cardona at the Nuff Said pay-per-view.

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