Jon Moxley Declares Bryan Danielson as the Ultimate Wrestling Legend

Jon Moxley, the current reigning AEW International Champion, recently gave high praise to his fellow Blackpool Combat Club member, Bryan Danielson. In an interview on Bleav In Pro Wrestling, Moxley expressed his admiration for Danielson and referred to him as the greatest pro wrestler that ever lived.

Moxley stated, “Bryan, I consider maybe just the greatest pro wrestler that ever lived. Which is a very humbling thing that I get to say that, I get to be tag partners with him and work with him. To have somebody like that on your side, to bounce ideas off of, to play that Regal role and tell you this sucks or whatever, or change that, that’s an immense tool, that I don’t take for granted, that I have in my toolbox that I get to pick his brain. Bryan is like the greatest pure pro wrestler of all time. If you just picked him up and stuck him in any ring of the world, whether it be in the parking lot of an auto parts store in Tijuana, or the Tokyo Dome, or the main event of WrestleMania, or AEW Dynamite, you put him in any ring against any opponent with no context whatsoever and just ring the bell. Anybody watching, he will suck into that match and they’ll feel like they’re watching a real struggle and he just completely sucked into this match for the duration of it against anybody anywhere, anytime. He’s just the most perfect pure wrestler that’s ever lived. I’ve taken a great deal of influence from him, as I’m sure many pro wrestlers have.”

Moxley’s admiration for Danielson extends beyond the wrestling ring. In a separate interview, Moxley urged fans to appreciate Danielson while he is still active in the industry, as his wrestling days are nearing an end. To read more about Moxley’s thoughts on Danielson’s future, click here.

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The wrestling community has long recognized Bryan Danielson’s exceptional talent and technical prowess. His ability to engage audiences and create an immersive experience in the ring is a testament to his skills as a performer. Moxley’s words only solidify Danielson’s reputation as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

To witness Danielson’s brilliance firsthand, fans can catch him in action on AEW Dynamite, where he continues to showcase his unparalleled skills. With Moxley’s endorsement, it is clear that Danielson’s impact on the wrestling industry is immeasurable.

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