John Cena Stands Behind His Burial of Austin Theory

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com/wwe/2020/4/5/21205802/wwe-raw-results-john-cena-i-quit-match-against-austin-theory-drew-mcmahon-returns”>match in the middle of an empty Performance Center.

John Cena recently discussed his reputation for burying talent in an interview with Sam Roberts on the NotSam Wrestling podcast. He was prompted to do so due to his recent WrestleMania program with Austin Theory, which culminated in an I Quit match in the middle of an empty Performance Center. ” John Cena verbally destroyed Austin Theory in a John Cena revealed that he and Austin Theory wrote the verbal exchange in a John Cena and Austin Theory wrote an intense promo segment on April 6th Raw from Boston. Cena told Theory that he was fake and that no one was buying his act. Cena also revealed in an interview with Busted Open that Theory was involved in all steps of the writing process. Two relevant hyperlinks about the incident are: and I just need to make people care.”
John Cena emphasizes the importance of making people care about professional wrestling and shares his experience of trying to make people care about his raps. He also respects the different creative processes of others in the industry, such as Austin Theory. John Cena, Austin Theory. But if you’re not connecting with the fans, if you’re not making them believe that you mean the words that you’re saying, then you’re not going to get much of a reaction’”

John Cena reflects on his career in professional wrestling, discussing how he had to make his character believable to the fans in order for his performances to be well-received. He shares an experience with Austin Theory, where he gave him advice on connecting with the fans in order to succeed in the industry. [Link 1] He also discusses how he learned the lesson again when he reflected on the time he used a joke about The Rock at Wrestlemania 28. [Link 2] John Cena learned that in professional wrestling, it is important to connect with the fans and make them believe the characters in order to be successful. The reason why Roman got that reaction when he came back is because it had been established for two years. He gave up, he took a break, he went away, he got cancer, he came back, and then it was like, ‘Oh wow, I believe this guy.’ That’s why they reacted.” John Cena speaks on the importance of establishing credibility and developing a story when creating professional wrestling matches. He used Austin Theory as an example and mentioned Roman Reigns’ comeback as an example of how effective it can be. John Cena mentored Austin Theory before WrestleMania, Roman Reigns’ Tribal Chief debut. com/wwe/2019/7/18/20696725/theory-roman-reigns-wwe-raw-cena-match-angle-suffering-succotash-moments”>”suffering succotash moments” for Theory? Roman Reigns gave advice to Theory, a 25 year old aspiring professional wrestler to start failing now and having many moments of suffering succotash. He shared his own advice he received to become successful which was to take control of his career and be true to himself. Roman Reigns advised Theory to fail often and to keep pushing. Roman Reigns’ “suffering succotash” moment highlights a debate between John Cena and Austin Theory on whether WWE should allow younger wrestlers to learn from their mistakes or bury them. Read Sam’s entire conversation with John Cena here. Read more about the debate here.

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