Jim Ross Unveils Surprising Similarity Between Terry Funk, Sting, and Chris Jericho

Jim Ross, the legendary wrestling commentator, recently shared his thoughts on the Grilling JR podcast about the ability of wrestlers to reinvent themselves. Ross specifically mentioned Chris Jericho and Sting, stating that they share the same attribute as Terry Funk, who was known for his ability to constantly evolve and adapt in the wrestling industry.

According to Ross, Funk’s ability to reinvent himself was a credit to the wrestling business. He highlighted Funk’s transition from a babyface to a champion in the NWA, and eventually to a heel champion. Ross also mentioned the iconic Empty Arena Match in Nashville against Jerry Lawler as an example of Funk’s versatility.

When Ross initially signed Funk, there were doubts and raised eyebrows from some individuals who questioned the decision. However, Ross emphasized that Funk contributed significantly and became a beloved and memorable character. The fact that people are still talking about Funk today is a testament to his impact in the industry.

Reinvention is a crucial aspect for wrestlers, and both Chris Jericho and Sting have demonstrated this quality throughout their careers. Jericho has constantly reinvented himself with various personas and character changes, from his early days as a cocky, arrogant heel to his recent “Demo God” persona in AEW. Similarly, Sting has successfully adapted his character over the years, from the colorful and energetic “Surfer Sting” to the mysterious and brooding “Crow Sting.”

Wrestling Inc transcribed Ross’s comments, shedding light on the importance of reinvention in the wrestling industry. Ross’s comparison of Jericho, Sting, and Funk highlights the significance of constantly evolving and finding new ways to connect with the audience.

For wrestlers, the ability to reinvent themselves can lead to longevity and continued success in the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling. It allows performers to stay relevant and capture the attention of fans who are always looking for something fresh and exciting.

As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, the ability to adapt and reinvent oneself becomes even more critical. Wrestlers who can successfully reinvent their characters and adapt to new styles and trends often find themselves in high demand and at the top of the industry.

Jim Ross’s insights serve as a reminder to both wrestlers and fans that reinvention is an essential aspect of professional wrestling. The ability to constantly evolve and surprise the audience is what keeps the industry thriving and captivating.

So, whether it’s Terry Funk, Chris Jericho, or Sting, the attribute of reinvention remains a common thread among these wrestling legends.

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