Jim Ross Reveals Wrestling’s Biggest Loss He Can’t Get Over

Jim Ross, the iconic voice of professional wrestling, recently opened up about what he will miss the most about the industry when he eventually retires. In an episode of his podcast, Grilling JR, Ross expressed his deep connection and fondness for interacting with the talented wrestlers.

During the podcast, Ross stated, “When I leave wrestling, that’s what I’m going to miss most, the interaction with the talents. Not necessarily just on the calls, but after the show, before the show.” His sentiment reflects the strong bond he has formed with the wrestlers over the years.

As the AEW announcer, Ross has played a vital role in the promotion, particularly in main event matches on AEW Collision and occasional pay-per-view events. However, due to health issues, he has been taking a step back and focusing on his recovery.

It is heartwarming to hear Ross express his love for the industry and the people he has worked with throughout his career. His passion for wrestling shines through in his commentary and his dedication to providing the best possible experience for fans.

Source: Wrestling Inc

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