Jake Roberts Reveals Shocking Response to Bruiser Brody’s Tragic Murder and the Sad Decline of Junkyard Dog

Jake Roberts recently opened up about some shocking incidents in the world of professional wrestling on his Snake Pit podcast. One of the topics he discussed was the tragic murder of Bruiser Brody in Puerto Rico. Roberts, a WWE Hall of Famer, also talked about the downfall of Junkyard Dog due to drug abuse.

When asked about his reaction to Bruiser Brody’s murder, Roberts expressed his horror and disbelief. He had known Brody for a long time and considered him a friend. Roberts refereed his matches and had a close relationship with him. The murder was a senseless act, and Roberts felt that the way it was handled was unacceptable. He was initially hesitant to go to Puerto Rico for the funeral but was convinced to attend by his colleagues who were in business against Carlos Colon.

Roberts also discussed the tragic downfall of Junkyard Dog, whose real name was Sylvester Ritter. He noticed a change in Ritter’s behavior and demeanor, indicating that something was wrong. Roberts tried to reach out to him multiple times but was unsuccessful in getting through to him. He regrets not doing more to help Ritter during that time and wishes he could have made a difference.

These revelations from Jake Roberts shed light on the darker side of professional wrestling and the challenges faced by its performers. It serves as a reminder of the personal struggles and tragedies that can occur behind the scenes.

For more insights from Jake Roberts, you can listen to his Snake Pit podcast. The episode in which he discusses these topics is a must-listen for wrestling fans who are interested in the history and behind-the-scenes stories of the industry.

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