Imperium’s Giovanni Vinci Vows to Seize Every Opportunity That Arises

Professional wrestler Giovanni Vinci recently discussed the future of the group Imperium on the “Wrestle Binge” podcast. Vinci expressed confidence that Imperium would seize any opportunity that comes their way and make the most of it.

Imperium, consisting of Vinci and Ludwig, reunited at last year’s WWE Clash at the Castle PLE and have been consistently featured on WWE programming since then. Vinci believes that their success speaks for itself and that their dynamic as a group is strong.

When asked about the future, Vinci stated, “Whatever opportunity comes up, we’ll take it and I’ll put in a hundred percent effort, like I have been doing so far. Things are going great.”

It is clear that Vinci is determined to make the most of every opportunity that comes Imperium’s way. With their track record of success, it is no surprise that Vinci is confident in their ability to continue thriving in the world of professional wrestling.

(H/T to SportsKeeda for the quotes)

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