IMPACT on AXS Breaks Records with Explosive Viewership on August 31st!

IMPACT Wrestling continues to draw in viewers as the August 31st episode on AXS TV saw an increase in viewership compared to previous episodes. According to SpoilerTV, the episode drew in 134,000 viewers and received a rating of 0.02 in the key demographics.

This increase in viewership is a positive sign for IMPACT Wrestling as it shows that their product is resonating with the audience. The August 31st episode saw a rise in viewership compared to the August 17th episode of AXS TV. Unfortunately, viewership numbers for the August 24th episode were not available at the time of reporting.

IMPACT Wrestling finished 133rd among cable originals for the night, according to the report. While this may not seem like a high ranking, it’s important to note that there are numerous cable originals airing on any given night, making it a competitive landscape. IMPACT Wrestling continues to hold its own and attract a dedicated fanbase.

The key demographic rating of 0.02 was in line with the August 17th episode, showing consistency in the viewership among the target audience. This is a positive sign for the promotion as it indicates that they are maintaining their core viewership and keeping them engaged with their product.

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