Hulk Hogan Health Update Following Latest Back Surgery

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​Hulk Hogan Health Update Following Latest Back Surgery

Although Kurt Angle recently made some statements that worried fans, the representative of Hulk Hogan has assured fans that he is doing just fine. 

On his Kurt Angle Show podcast last week, the WWE Hall Of Famer stated that the legendary star can’t feel his legs after back surgery and needed a cane to walk around. The former WWE Champion noted that Hogan told him this while they were talking about their health and injuries backstage at WWE Raw’s 30th anniversary episode.

Hogan’s representative told Entertainment Tonight through a statement that Hogan is doing well and is not paralyzed. The representative addedHogan is able to walk without a cane.

“Everything is OK with him,” the statement read. “Hulk is someone with a lot of humor.” 

When hogan appeared on Raw’s 30th anniversary show on January 23, he was walking around without assistance as he and Jimmy Hart kicked off the episode as a way to welcome everyone to the anniversary celebration.

Over the years, Hogan has done a lot of damage to his body, especially due to his finisher, the leg drop. Hogan has stated in past interviews that he wishes he had picked another finishing move. 

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