Hamamatsu sees carnage as KENTA, Suzuki brawl

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Suzuki & KENTA on a STRONG collision course

New Japan Cup action came to Hamamatsu on Saturday March 18, and while attention for remaining cup competitors was on the two tournament matches, intrigue also surrounded a six man match for Strong Style, El Desperado, Ren Narita and Minoru Suzuki against the BULLET CLUB side of El Phantasmo, Chase Owens and KENTA.

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The match would get underway in the entrance ramp, Minoru Suzuki and company brawling with KENTA and his BULLET CLUB teammates well before the match got in the ring. KENTA and Suzuki continued to battle on the floor, with the STRONG Openweight Champion dropping the King with a DDT on the concrete floor.

As Suzuki finally made his way to thew apron, the match would continue in ring, but not for much longer. Suzuki and KENTA would clash with steel chairs, and when the referee tried to stop KENTA, he would be struck with the weapon drawing a DQ. KENTA would lay out Suzuki, mocking him in ring and drawing the King’s ire; the fight rolled on as BULLET CLUB tried to make their exit, and even a shot with the STRONG Openweight Championship to Suzuki didn’t stop him.

Suzuki and Strong Style pursued BULLET CLUB backstage, where the warring groups were separated, but where Suzuki, armed with a section of metal fencing, had furious words. The King would demand a match be made as soon as tomorrow, while KENTA, ever the instigator, continued to mock the King while stating that he would face Suzuki ‘any time’ with STRONG gold at stake.


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