Grayson Waller’s Bold Claim: Cody’s Potential SmackDown Move Threatens to Steal His Spotlight

Grayson Waller, the rising star on the WWE main roster, recently expressed his concerns about the possibility of Cody Rhodes joining SmackDown and overshadowing his own success. Waller shared his thoughts during a recent appearance on the After The Bell podcast, jokingly stating that Cody will try to steal the spotlight from him on the blue-brand.

During the podcast, Waller said, “Yeah, it kinda worries me who they’re gonna bring over. I’m worried it’s going to be Cody. You wanna talk about someone who gonna try and overshadow me, he tried to do it on my show Saturday. I’m polite enough to let him on my show, he’s making these jokes about hip toss class and skull and yes, I enjoyed skill with Terry Taylor, okay Cody? You don’t have to mention it in front of everyone.”

However, Waller also expressed his desire for someone from Raw to join SmackDown, specifically mentioning Australian talents like Indi Hartwell or Bronson Reed. He stated, “I’m hoping it someone, for me personally, I would love it to be Indi Hartwell, bring an Australian over. Maybe Bronson Reed, make SmackDown the Australian show with all of the big name Australians. We don’t need Cody, we don’t need these guys trying to overshadow us, we need people who are going to take that torch.”

Waller and Cody recently had a segment at the WWE Payback premium live event, further fueling Waller’s concerns about being overshadowed. If you missed the event, you can catch up on the full results here.

It remains to be seen whether Cody Rhodes will indeed make the jump to SmackDown, but Waller’s comments highlight the competitive nature of the professional wrestling industry. As talents strive to make their mark and secure their spot in the spotlight, it’s natural for concerns about being overshadowed to arise.

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