Get Ready for High-Flying Action: A Block Preview for Best of the Super Jr. 30 (Part 2)

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30 last year saw him finish with a respectable 8 points, including victories over the likes of Dragon Lee and SHO. The CMLL star will be looking to build on that success this time around, with matches against the likes of El Desperado, Ryusuke Taguchi and Hiromu Takahashi sure to test his mettle. With a high-flying style and a never-say-die attitude, Titan could well be a dark horse to make it to the knockout stages.

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El Phantasmo

2nd entry

One of the most talked-about newcomers on the scene, El Phantasmo has been making waves in both Japan and the UK over the past year. A standout performer in RevPro, the Canadian high-flyer has all the tools to make a real impact in Best of the Super Jr. 30. With a mouth-watering clash against Will Ospreay on the horizon, ELP will be looking to prove that his brash, cocky attitude is backed up by in-ring ability. Expect fireworks whenever he enters the ring.

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There you have it, folks, a breakdown of what to expect from Titan and El Phantasmo in A Block of Best of the Super Jr. 30. With so many talented wrestlers competing, this year’s tournament promises to be one of the best yet. Don’t forget to tune in to NJPW World to catch all the action live!

In professional wrestling, victories and defeats can make or break a career. Titan, the CMLL representative, had a slow start in 2022, but his win over TJP last year in Korakuen Hall on night seven turned things around. This year, Titan will face TJP again in a key match on May 12. If Titan extends his record to 3-0 over TJP, it will set him up strongly for the tour to come and potentially lead him to singles glory.

TJP, a member of the United Empire, is competing in his second consecutive Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Along with two other UE members, he’s looking to make a name for himself by becoming the best junior heavyweight wrestler in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Last year, Titan’s partnership with BUSHI allowed him to come close to both the Super Jr. Tag League and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag team Championships. It also paved the way for him to become the first non-Japanese member of Los Ingobernables De Japon. Fans are now wondering if Titan will be able to achieve singles success in the tournament this year.

As always, every match in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament is crucial, but the upcoming match between Titan and TJP is particularly important. It remains to be seen whether Titan will extend his winning streak against TJP, but one thing is for sure: the stakes are high, and the excitement is palpable for all wrestling fans. As the Best of the Super Jr. tournament kicks off, fans are excited to see how the experienced wrestler, Public Enemy, will fare. With a 4-5 record in 2022, he will be looking to utilize his experience and technical abilities to improve his performance and make it to the finals. In what promises to be a key match on May 13th, Public Enemy will face off against KUSHIDA in Nagano, which could determine his chances of advancing to the next stage of the tournament.

Another wrestler to look out for is TJP, who is set to have his first singles match against Time Splitter on the second night of the tournament in Nagano. With his loss to KUSHIDA still fresh in his mind, TJP will be looking to secure a victory and boost his BOSJ campaign. This win could also provide a boost for his team, Catch 2/2, and position them for a shot at the IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship.

Taiji Ishimori is another wrestler who has been consistent in his performance in the Best of the Super Jr. tournament. Despite winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship three times, Ishimori has yet to taste success in the BOSJ. With his current streak of six consecutive entries, he will be eager to break this spell and make a statement in the tournament.

As the tournament progresses, it will be exciting to see how these wrestlers perform and if they can make it to the finals. One thing is for sure, the Best of the Super Jr. tournament promises to be full of high-flying action, technical displays, and thrilling matches. tournament signifies his consistency as a wrestler. Despite never winning the tournament, SHO has been a constant competitor year after year and has proven to be a formidable opponent. With experience comes wisdom, and SHO knows what it takes to succeed in this grueling tournament. He has faced some of the best wrestlers in the Junior Heavyweight division and has had some close calls in the past. This year, he will be looking to finally break through and make it to the finals. His key match will be against Robbie Eagles on May 19th. Eagles is also a seasoned wrestler with a lot of technical prowess, but SHO has faced him before and will be looking to even the score this time around.

Robbie Eagles

Debut entry

Robbie Eagles is a newcomer to the Best of the Super Jr. tournament, but he is no rookie when it comes to the wrestling scene. Eagles has been making a name for himself in Australia and has also competed in Japan for a number of years now. He is a former tag team champion and has also held titles in other promotions. Eagles has a unique style that combines high-flying moves with technical wrestling. His key match will be against SHO on May 19th, where he will be looking to make a statement and prove that he belongs in the same ring with the best Junior Heavyweights in the world. If Eagles can pull off an upset victory against SHO, he will be well on his way to making a name for himself in the tournament and potentially even winning it all. Mike Bailey is a high-flying wrestler who has been making waves in professional wrestling circles for a while now. A representative of IMPACT Wrestling, Bailey is known for his acrobatic moves and high-flying style. However, he has not yet been able to translate that into success in major promotions.

As part of the A Block, Bailey has the opportunity to prove himself against some of the best wrestlers in the business. He will be facing off against the likes of Hiromu Takahashi, SHO, and Taiji Ishimori, all of whom are established stars in their own right.

The key match for Bailey in this tournament will likely be his bout against Hiromu Takahashi on May 1. Takahashi is one of the most popular and talented wrestlers in all of Japan, and a victory over him would be a major coup for Bailey.

Can the IMPACT Wrestling representative rise to the occasion and take home the trophy? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Bailey is not one to be underestimated when it comes to in-ring ability.

Key match: May 1 vs Hiromu Takahashi

This match will be a true test of Bailey’s abilities. If he can come out on top against Takahashi, he will have proven that he has what it takes to compete at the highest levels of professional wrestling.

So keep your eyes on Bailey in this year’s tournament. He may just be the dark horse that no one saw coming.


Canadian professional wrestler Speedball Mike Bailey is gearing up for his New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) debut at the Best of the Super Jr. tournament. Bailey is known for his exceptional skill set and stamina, and fans are eagerly awaiting his first match against the reigning IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Hiromu Takahashi. With his impressive conditioning and ability, Bailey could become the first wrestler since Will Ospreay in 2016 to win the Best of the Super Jr. on his first attempt. The match between Bailey and Takahashi will take place on May 12 at Korakuen, and fans can expect an intense and high-pressure matchup between these two talented wrestlers. Don’t miss Bailey’s NJPW debut and his journey through the Best of the Super Jr. tournament. Catch all the action live on NJPW World.

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