Fantasticamania night 4 (February 26) Preview

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Chiba sees tag tournament final

Makuhari Messe sees night four of six for Fantasticamania on February 26. The tour is really heating up as we see the finals and third place playoffs for the Interfaction Tag mini tournament, and we’ll have the last previews for major Korakuen bouts on Monday and Tuesday.

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Main event: Interfaction Tag Team Tournament Final-Los Ingobernables De Japon (Titan & BUSHI) vs Los Guerreros Incre?bles de la Atl?ntida (Ultimo Guerrero & Atlantis Jr.)

Titan and BUSHI will face Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis Jr. in the factional tag tournament finals. Osaka saw a pair of spectacular pair of first round matchups Friday night, with Titan and BUSHI able to defeat the flash and the mind games of Rey Cometa and Dulce Gardenia, while the combination of pure skill and sheer power and technique that the LGIA side possess was able to wipe out the immensely capable side of Magia Blanca and Volador Jr. Titan and BUSHI have skill and pace on their side perhaps, matching the spectacular offense that Atlantis Jr. brings, but is the strength of the Big Boss and the fearsome Guerrero Special just too much?

5th Match: Interfaction Tag Team Tournament 3rd Place Playoff- Los Dulces Atrapasue?os (Rey Cometa & Dulce Gardenia) vs Los Depredadores (Volador Jr. & Magia Blanca)

Fighting for third place in the Interfaction Tag Tournament, the sweet dreamcatchers of Rey Cometa and Dulce Gardenia look to take down Volador Jr. and Magia Blanca. Fans can expect a high flying showcase in Makuhari, but could the wiles and sheer charms (?) of Gardenia prove unbeatable, or can the Skywalker and his young protege Magia Blanca come out on top?

4th Match: El Desperado, Soberano Jr. & Mistico vs DOUKI, Templario & Hechicero

Former Suzuki-Gun brothers El Desperado and DOUKI collide in trios action. DOUKI has been long, loud and vocal in his distaste for CMLL and its wrestlers, having grown in his career in the tough environment of the Mexican independents. Yet Japones Del Mal has respect for Hechicero, and a common trainer in the legendary Skayde, while Templario will make a solid addition to any team having already picked up big wins early in this tour. Can they overcome an impressive tecnico side?

3rd Match: Kosei Fujita & Captain Suicida vs Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Hiromu Takahashi)

With Titan and BUSHI busy at the top of the card in the Interfaction tag Tournament, Tetsuya Naito and Hiromu Takahashi once again form an LIJ duo tonight against Kosei Fujita and Captain Suicida. While Kosei Fujita’s Anglo-Australian TMDK teachers are away, Fujita is getting lucha play in, but can the young duo of he and Suicida cause trouble for Naito and Hiromu?

2nd Match: Barbaro Cavernario, Ryusuke Taguchi& Hiroshi Tanahashi vs OKUMURA, Master Wato & YOH

Relevos Increibles action will see OKUMURA reunited with YOH and Master Wato after both had their dealings with the exported rudo during their excursions. So to did Hiroshi Tanahashi and Ryusuke Taguchi, who tonight will team with the ever unpredictable caveman Barbaro Cavernario.

1st Match: Ryohei Oiwa & Tiger Mask vs Hijo Del Villano III & SHO

Action will kick off with Ryohei Oiwa and Tiger Mask facing Hijo Del Villano III and SHO. HDV3 and Tiger Mask have been at one another’s throats all the way through the tour as they head toward a Korakuen showdown, while SHO has certainly fit the villainous mode, true to form over the last week. Will Tiger and Oiwa have an answer tonight?


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