Exclusive Update on WWE’s Last-Minute Alterations for Tonight’s Main Event and RAW Strategy

Plans have taken a sudden turn in the world of professional wrestling, as backstage reports reveal that tonight’s WWE RAW and Main Event line-ups have been changed multiple times. The latest report from Fightful Select sheds light on the alterations made to the original plans for both shows.

Originally, the Main Event tapings were set to feature a match between Natalya and Zoey Stark, as well as a showdown between Bronson Reed and Riddick Moss. However, WWE decided to scrap the Natalya vs. Stark match and proceeded with Reed vs. Moss. Additionally, the Viking Raiders were initially scheduled to face Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin on RAW, but this match was moved to Main Event.

Despite being pulled from the Main Event, Zoey Stark still made an appearance on RAW to further her storyline with Shayna Baszler. After Baszler emerged victorious against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green, she found herself confronted by her co-champion, the returning Piper Niven. Just as it seemed Baszler would have to face Niven, Stark rushed to the ring and intimidated Niven into retreating. Stark then observed as Baszler celebrated her triumph.

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As for RAW, plans were initially set for Cody Rhodes to kick off the show and explain his decision to bring Jey Uso to the brand. However, it was Jey Uso himself who took the spotlight at the start of tonight’s episode. The unexpected turn of events led to an interruption by Kevin Owens and The Judgment Day faction. Unfortunately for Uso and Owens, miscommunication resulted in their loss to Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Damian Priest and Finn Balor in a non-title match.

Eventually, Rhodes made his entrance shortly after 9:30pm. He intended to address the situation with Uso, but his speech was interrupted by WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, accompanied by JD McDonagh. Mysterio proceeded to taunt Rhodes, claiming that Uso would join The Judgment Day and make Rhodes look foolish. This prompted Rhodes to attack Mysterio, only to be blindsided by McDonagh. Rhodes valiantly fought back, delivering a Cody Cutter on Mysterio and a CrossRhodes on McDonagh. Before Rhodes could inflict further damage, McDonagh pulled him to safety.

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